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Geekspot: Collector

Tonight's topic is all about collector. It was said that collecting things can be a hobby. Collecting things can also reflect their passion or their personality. Take for example, a person who likes to collect old cameras can be an avid photographer himself.

According to some website, we collect things because it can trigger our memories. Others collect things just to show their wealth

Here are some of the comments from our listeners:

From Nischa Rani: She likes to collect Supernatural DVDs and also added that 'Winchester Brothers rock!'

From Jazmi Kamel: He likes to collect games apps from Apple Store. He also included that if he get bored with it, he'll delete and download a new one.

The crews also said that they an avid collectors themselves. Yana said she collect clothes with different style or fashion. She also collect toy cars.

As for Dayat, she likes to collect pens even if it already ran out of ink. She also love to collect pens from around the world. One of he…
You're with us on the Segment of An Evening With..... Hidden Folder with Dj Zimah! Our new discovered local band who are kind enough to come to our studio and have us to interview them!
According to them, the band name, Hidden Folder, basically means that their songs and the lyrics have hidden meanings and also they might come in different genres. However, their actual genre is Malay indie. The band has four members, Keey, Rain, P-no & Buzz. But most of their songs are love 'cinta' songs which emphasize the hidden meanings in their songs and lyrics. 
Most of them talked about their life experiences and how they affect their music. Life experiences were mostly about their love dilemmas and relationship matters.From there, they get to express that through their music and they promised to make good music out of their experiences in life.
They are still very new so they have only produced one song at the moment which is called Hidden. They promised more songs will come f…

Societal Quest - Money!

topic for tonight's Societal Quest: Why is money a motivating factor? is it the only motivating factor?

does money really matter? Fedrick Herzberg's two-factor theory; hygiene factor and motivation factor, mentioned that the motivation factor such as job satisfaction is more important than the hygene factor (money). how well do people agree with this? money is better at attracting and retaining people as oppose to influencing to their job.

Fauzul Azim mentioned that Money is a motivating factor because it helps the person know that what they're doing, is worth their time, blood and sweats. Family is also a motivating factor as they can be the reason for a person's hard-willed determination and goals for achieving their dreams. Ny Izd said that, t
here's a saying dat can kinda answer the question, 'money isnt everything...but everything needs money" Despite the saying, she still believe in love as a very crucial motivating factor to have in life. though at the…

Love Oh! Cinta with DJ Zimah

"I Love You" is a phrase that is easier to be said, yet, can everyone manage to say it that easy? Is there any difference between female and male gender in saying such phrase? Between men and women who do you think say it the most?
This three words hold a special meaning for everyone and when you say them you make sure that you meant it all with your heart. Some people seem to find these words easy to say, some find it hard. Each one of us has different terms and definitions when it comes in delivering such words to your intended person. Despite of the gender differences, its actually up to the individual themselves to willingly say those special words. Our listeners have discussed that saying such phrase is actually simple but putting it into an action and show it is the most difficult part. 
Lets define every word of the phrase:
"I" - It represents you. You are tying yourself to the rest of the words in the phrase. You would have never guessed that this smallest wor…

Wrap Up Show with the crews ! NISH & YANA =D

For this week's Wrap Up Show we had two lovely crews Nish and Yana on air to wrap up everything shared on the UBDFM blogspot this week !

Monday on Love Oh! Cinta: Best Friend to Love
What do you do think about falling in love with your best friend? Should you let out your feeling or just hold it to yourself? Are you prepared to take the risk?
To a certain extent, when it turns into a relationship, it would be easy for both side because they have already know how to accommodate each other wants and needs. Generally, best friend is a person whom you feel alive with and enjoy the activities that you both always have. So, isn't it true that people in relationship should feel the same way as well? Our listeners have shared their thoughts about the predicament of the topic for tonight whether they prefer having a best friend as your love one or not. Most of them prefer to just stay as friend because it is a great lost if you lost your best friend just because of letting know of your fe…
Back this week with DJ Zimah for this Friday’s segment on . . . VERSUS SHOW !

The topic chosen is all about relationship ! The topic was divided into two parts, each with a different sort of question and a different type of social relation.
Versus show part 1: How do you differentiate between real friends and backstabbing friends ?
One of the hilarious response came from Wali Dropkick - Well REAL FRIEND are the the one you can feel, touch, talk & see them face2face....not Imaginary, Cartoon or Drawn. "REAL" - . . . BACKSTABBING FRIENDS....easy....your Friend who Stabs you in the Back with a Knife, Pen, Fork or anything Sharp :B LOL. 
Lea Lova on the other hand took the question a little more seriously - Real friends are those who are sometimes quiet harsh in conversations.. But wen it comes to the time when we are having a breakdown, they are there to help.. - Fake ones are those who're ego.. Karit kan like our status.. Haha

Versus Show Part 2: Best friend VS Girlfriend/…

BruNerf Association in the studio!

have you guys heard of BruNerf association? are you a Nerf player? tonight we are fortunate to get the Nerf association members in the studio for an interview.

Pg. Shah, president BruNerf association started this association 2 years ago and they currently have 1611 members. His wife, Siti, the secretary of BruNerf association, works hand in hand with her husband in getting BruNerf well known in Brunei Darussalam. Siti deals with the admin work like getting the place and paperworks done. discipline officer of BruNerf association is also with us tonight, Nabil, a graduate from MTSSR. His work is to teach basic discipline rules like what to wear, proper gear and guidelines.

Nerf is a gun or as they call it, a blaster which can be found in department stores around Brunei. they play Nerf like in wars, but without real bullets rather they use sponge bullet-like as amos. Common places where they usually play Nerf are at the Taman Jubilee near the city and Beribi flat playground. Another commo…
How far would you go to achieve your dreams??

Do you have a dream deep in your heart that you want to pursue? Have you always wanted to make that dream come true? Dreams in this context are things we want to happen in our lives for example, we dream of wanting Starbucks in Brunei. That sort of dream. Dream could be our aspirations in our lives, our ambitions, goals and aims so that in the future we could be happy of the things we have achieved or given. Unfortunately,, our dreams sometimes are beyond our capabilities and sometimes it is impossible to achieve one's dream. Others who are strong-will will work very hard in order to achieve it and that is how we have successful people in this world. From there, we can make them as our inspiration so that we could achieve that dream of ours. 
Trying to achieve our dreams, we have to undergo many obstacles, challenges and hardships depends on how big is your dream. As mentioned, you have to have that spirit, strong-will in order to achi…

Love Oh! Cinta: Best Friend to Love

What do you do think about falling in love with your best friend? Should you let out your feeling or just hold it to yourself? Are you prepared to take the risk?

Best friend is a person whom you share the strongest possible kind of friendship. It is a great gift you earn in your life by having a best friend whom you can share your thoughts, feelings and things that you have been experiencing in your life. The feeling of empathy and care grow within you because you have someone ready to listen to your need. Do you ever feel that this kind of mutual interaction can burgeon out into Love? Tonight, Dj Wawa talks about the comprehension of falling in love with your best friend, and thoughts on how you can tackle this kind of circumstances and risk you will eventually get when the moment you have fallen to your best friend.
What would be your reaction when you start to make the move? Is it going to be awkward, a dead silent between one another or is it something that thrills your love life? S…

An evening with U.D.T Band

To everyone who is wondering what does U.D.T stands for, it stands for 'Understanding De Truth'. Tonight, Zimah got to interview all the members including the manager of the U.D.T Band. They started to establish themselves 6 years ago and they start to release their single called 'Khayalan Cinta' under their manager's label "Misha Studio" two years ago. 

Currently there are six members in the band and they are:
Vocalist - Achie (The only female in the band)
1st guitarist - Harry (The leader)
2nd guitarist - Efwat
Bassist - Do-One
Keyboardist - Azizi
Drummer - Azeem

Manager - G-Mi/Suhaimi

According to Harry (the leader), he and Efwat first had the idea to set up a band. As for Achie, she heard Efwat was about to set up a band and wanted to join. Harry set up an audition at the K-Box to hear her voice. The others join later and it so happen that they all know each other although not that close. Three years ago, they have no manager whatsoever until they met G-Mi, th…

Interracial Love: Complications

Tonight's topic is all about interracial love. Most of our listeners thought interracial love had a lot of complications. Interracial relationships are still pressured despite of the banishment of the old beliefs where mixing two races are pure evil.

Some of the complications mentioned by Wawa are:

1) Cultural background: The couple may have a lot of differences in terms of how they lead their daily lives. They may have communication problems as well, not in terms of talking but in terms of how they say it. This may also troubles while planning for wedding like which tradition should they follow.

2) Culture and religion does not go well together. It does not matter if the couple trying hard to work their relationship out, the differences in religion may pose as a barrier for the couple. The problems in the future might be the person may be in immense pressure to choose between family, religion or their partner. It tends to go down on one couple who will have to change their religi…

Wrap Up Show - DJ Khalz & DJ Fauzul

For tonight's Wrap Up Show, DJ Khalz and DJ Fauzul were on-air to give the listeners a recap of what's been going on for the past 6 days.

Monday- "Unrequited Love"

Unrequited love is love that is not openly reciprocated or understood as such, even though reciprocation is usually deeply desired. The beloved may or may not be aware of the admirer's deep and strong romantic affections.
Liyana shares that this kind of love does not benefit anyone and would only cause pain and discomfort to both sides.

Tuesday's Topic -

"What inspires you to choose the type of style or fashion when you wear your clothes/outfit? "
Apa yang memberi awda insipirasi mengenai jenis gaya pakaian dan stail yang awda sukai?

The way we dress depends on our taste. People have different attitudes to fashion. Some  do not care what they wear, others, especially women, are very choosy  about what to wear and like to spend a lot of money on clothes. But nowadays not only women who spend more…