An evening with U.D.T Band

To everyone who is wondering what does U.D.T stands for, it stands for 'Understanding De Truth'. Tonight, Zimah got to interview all the members including the manager of the U.D.T Band. They started to establish themselves 6 years ago and they start to release their single called 'Khayalan Cinta' under their manager's label "Misha Studio" two years ago. 

Currently there are six members in the band and they are:
Vocalist - Achie (The only female in the band)
1st guitarist - Harry (The leader)
2nd guitarist - Efwat
Bassist - Do-One
Keyboardist - Azizi
Drummer - Azeem

Manager - G-Mi/Suhaimi

According to Harry (the leader), he and Efwat first had the idea to set up a band. As for Achie, she heard Efwat was about to set up a band and wanted to join. Harry set up an audition at the K-Box to hear her voice. The others join later and it so happen that they all know each other although not that close. Three years ago, they have no manager whatsoever until they met G-Mi, the owner of Misha Studio. Since they met, they had found themselves slowly emerge in the local music scenery. They have previously release their single called 'Khayalan Cinta' and also involved in many gigs.

During the interview, they shared their experiences and many challenges as a band. For the past three years ever since the band was establish, they had gone through many ups and downs. However, the only thing that matter is that they stand with each other and go through all of the challenges together. That is where the band come up with the name of the band which is 'Understanding De Truth'. Once you have understand the reason behind your success or failures, nothing can break or knock you down. 

About their music genre, they are leaning towards rock or alternative rock. When they were asked about their favorite musicians or singers, surprisingly they varies. Some mention Adele, Slipknot or any other genre that we do not exactly what we expect. 

When we first heard their single 'Khayalan Cinta', our first impression was it is really good. They got potential especially in composing and music arrangement. We have to say this band is quite underrated and they have really good taste in music. We invite everyone to check out their facebook fanpage, just search for U.D.T Band. Also, we got the video of the U.D.T Band giving an acoustic performance at our Studio. You check out the video via this link: