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This Earth Hour, Go Beyond The Hour


National Day Break

In conjunction with Brunei Darussalam's National Day, UBD FM will go off-air until the 25th February 2011. Don't worry, we'll be back with greater music varieties especially for you! Have a good holiday! (:

An Evening with Juju, 16 February, 7-11pm

UBDFM was graced by the presence of a very special UBD Alumni, our very own recording artist - Juju. On the radio's regular segment featuring local artists, 'An Evening With..' DJ Sylvan , Juju talked about her life and love of music. Recently graduating from UBD, Juju who was a student from Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Institue of Educati0n (SHBIE). In the segment interview, Juju talked about her past experiences and memories while studying in UBD. She also talked about her inspirations in music. Like other guests in 'An Evening With...', Juju explained how she indulged into entering Brunei's music industry.
Juju, a cheery young lady, was exceptionally passionate while talking about her music. Having had released various hits on the mainstream and commercial radio in the country, the singer- songwriter talked about her process of music writing and inspirations behind her various songs with Dj Sylvan.

Her humour is abound when talking about her future endeavours, claim…


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Sneak Peak: An Evening with the Polar Girl

Last night UBD FM spent an evening with The Polar Girl for an interesting interview about her experience at the South Pole and her thoughts about youth empowerment and the future.

(More coming soon...)

Dan Norjidi on UBD FM!

Exclusive Interview with Three Students from Al-Azhar University, Cairo

UBD FM had the pleasure of interviewing three lovely ladies who went to Al-Azhar University in Cairo, and who were sent back to Brunei due to the recent protests that is still going on in the city.
The three ladies are Dayang Nurul Alifah binti Awang Haji Hassan, Siti Mutiah binti Haji Ismail and Hariyanie binti Hj Awang.

Krisis di Cairo, February 8th, 9-11pm


An Evening with Dan Norjidi, February 9th, 7-11pm


An Evening with The Polar Girl, February 10th, 9-11pm


Acid Youth on UBD FM!

Groove Architects spinning live on UBDFM