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Prizes to be given away!

Guess what? There are "REAL DEAL" PACKs to be given away by UBDFM on Friday and Saturday! (around 2pm - 10pm) Tune in for updates...

UBD FM is migrating soon!

I believe that our awesome DJs have been informing the good news to our listeners lately.
We're moving to a new home!

Our studio will be located at The Core where the New Residential College resides. This place is strategic to both counterparts; UBD FM and visitors (it has better parking spaces and easier for you to find the studio for future events. Like meeting your favourite DJs, celebrities or public figures. Who knows? :D)

Credit goes to Belle, Khalz and Kye

It's also a great place to chill since we are located next to the food court. You can enjoy your food while listening to UBD FM which is right next door! If you're lucky you can catch a glimpse of us working our magic too ;)

Talking about the food court, be noted fellow UBDians! There will be a "New-Hot-Cafe-Which-Must-Not-Be-Named-Yet" opening at the Core soon. Curious yet? Us too! Most of us are aware that UBD has been making its face lift since the end of last semester. It seems that UBD has more surprise…