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Do you have the talent in expressing good music?

Hey Ya'll! You're back with DJ Angel featuring DJ Bex for tonight's Local Band Local Artist Segment (albeit that we don't have a guest(s) tonight). :p But do hold onto UBDFM updates for upcoming live interview with Brunei talents. 
So if you are a Bruneian who has a talent in the music industry, be it a singer or in a band, and wants to promote on the air wave...well UBDFM is here for you. Send in your profiles and recordings to and we will sit down with you and broadcast your songs and live performance in our studio.

Stay tuned for another night with DJ Angel and DJ Zharfan next week same time same place. Cheerios!

Societal Quest segment with Dj Khalz and Dj Maxine

Today's segment, our DJ will discuss "How materialistic the youth of Brunei become?"  Materialistic or most commonly known as materialism is the desire to consume and acquire material goods. The main reason that drives the youth to become materialistic is due to money and importance of materials in this generation. Parents prioritize the money therefore money is very important as goods are getting more expensive and technologies are getting more important especially during this era. 

Furthermore, those youth who happens to find a career and getting a salary tends to spend on products that are far more expensive. They will likely to regret this in the near future due to loans and other needs they need to pay. The important thing we need to learn here is to save up money as much as possible and whenever the money is absolutely needed then it is a priority to spend on it. As for mobile devices, youth are now updated with current fashion and usually are ahead with their res…

Love @ Cinta Topic for Tonight!

The discussion topic of tonight's Love@Cinta show is,

"Is flirting with someone while you're in a relationship considered as cheating?" Gender is an inescapable part of our psychological makeup. So, receiving a smile or glance or something else similarly flirtatious is a balm to the ego and a reaffirmation of one’s being attractive enough to be noticed by the opposite sex. Mild flirtation of that sort is perfectly acceptable in a committed relationship. Unless we are going to force our women into a life similar to that forced upon women in Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan, flirting will occur inevitably. Men should be able to resist casual flirtation and be able to respond to it in a socially appropriate manner.Flirting becomes inappropriate when either the words spoken or the conduct definitely suggests a strong desire to have the relationship become physical.  It also become inappropriate when one person uses the flirtation to tease or distract the other person…

Love @ Cinta Segment

You will be accompanied by Dj Maxine in the Segment of Love @ Cinta. So stay tune everyone!! :)

Societal Quest Segment


Love @ Cinta Segment


Tonight's session with Bex and Qeels

Good news to all Potter fans or Rowling's fans! J.K Rowling had a book deal but this time, she'll be writing an adult novel. We like the rest of the world excited with the news and very much looking forward for the novel which will be publish somewhere this year. Some even look forward if Rowling will have another movie deal for her new book. We're sure that most Rowlings' fans crossing their fingers on this one.

It seems like the spreads like fire across Brunei. We love the rage meme comic that was shared around social networks. Even in UBDfm studio and lounge, we always have 9gag website open on our computers. If you don't know what's they hype about 9gag, go google it and enjoy. Maybe you can do it next week? During the semester break which starts next week? :)
There is also a football match going on: Myanmar versus Phillipines. The match was won by Myanmar where 8 goals were conceded. Who will win the Hassanal Bolkiah Trophy 2012?
Full time score:
Good evening lovely people! Happy 28th National Day to all UBD communities and  all citizens of Brunei Darussalam :)
For the first bits of this evening, your life is showered with some awesome local songs all made by Bruneians, so guys if you wish to hear more of them then do not let yourself waiting and just tune in to UBDfm, and make a request for it! or you can even send your dedications to your friends and families from overseas. There is no need to be shy because the radio station is aired especially for you :) 

Finally, UBD Brunei Rock Climbing Club has opened its registration for the first time so do grab this chance to experience yourself with a new form of adventure :) Do not forget to send your particulars to the stated contacts and do not be empty handed.

Another announcement to post for you guys, on Monday, 27th February 2012, the UBDfm will have its Dj Audition and interviews for Marketing Manager or Operation Manager so guys try these two out! :) More information can be…

Happy 28th National Day Brunei!

Tomorrow marks Brunei's 28th National Day! On behalf of UBDFM team, Happy National Day to all Bruneians all over the world! Let's wave our flags proud :)

On another note, don't forget to reserve A Date With Maxine along with DJ Iman tomorrow at 8-11pm on UBDFM.


Local Band/Artist Segment

UBD FM just had an awesome interview with one of our local band, Last Minute Allegiance, in our segment of Local Band/Artist with Dj Angel and Dj Zharfan. They were awesome to come to UBD FM and played some of their covers and also their own songs for us on air. There are 5 of them in a band.Zaff Zainin (Vocalist),Tamimi Friday (Lead guitarist & Vocalist), Syai Aminuddin (Vocalist), Yat Alidin (Bassist), Ihsan Juffery (2nd guitarist & Keyboardist), Azlan Syah (Drummer). 

Last Minute Allegiance


SoCieTal Quests 21/2

Tonight's societal quests topic is how do films affect individuals and society? We have special guests with us, Zawanah, Arina and Sheha. All of them are final year sociology students. They are promoting Sociology and Anthropology Film Festivals as part of their coursework Popular Culture taught by Prof. Wan Zawawi.  The theme was to empowering alternative imaginings, human values and agency.

They were asked why some people should take Sociology and Anthropology. Zawanah and Arina explained that sociology covers many fields including politics and economics. Most famous questions asked by people is that if they dont have a background in Sociology, can they take a degree in Sociology? Zaw claims that she was from science background. Although she struggled in the first year, but she managed to catch up the following years. Dj Jaz said that by taking Sociology and Anthropology it makes a person more analytical, sceptical and theoretical.

Another popular question often asked by people …

Societal Quest Segment


Wrap-up show with Ami

Tonight "Wrap Up Show" with Deejay Ami is all about  things that happen during this weekend. Let just start with giving highlights from the last UBD Open Day which was yesterday on the 18th February, 2012. UBDfm gave out free goodies to everyone who answered our questions. The goodies, courtesy of B.Mobile, which is an environmentally-friendly bag contain a notebook and a calendar. Lots of people flock to our booth just to win the free goodie bag.

Also, some clubs like Performing Arts Club in collaboration with the Fonemik and Choir Club gave their performances outside the Chancellor Hall in which I had to add, amazing and very enticing. Afterwards, we have another performance by the Korean Culture Club which was held at the foyer. Their performance receive applause from the guests. Part of the reason PMUBD organise the  UBD open day is also to promote clubs and Student Councils for current UBD students. Most of the clubs and student council still open for registration …
Good evening people! Dj Bex is on the air tonight giving you plentiful of upbeat tunes to your life. If you wish to request songs and dedication for tomorrow,  just scroll down to find out on where to go, alright? :)

The second day of UBD Open Day 2012 has been really amazing! There were two awesome performances being done for today by the Nasyid Club and Fonemik Club. They were truly 'spectacular-istic'! Just so you know, UBDfm is having its quiz game during the day so do not miss this out if you wish to earn some beautiful goodies in courtesy from B-mobile. Also, good news to all of us that the PMUBD Cafe has revealed its secret attraction which is its own tasty lasagna and it tasted like O.M.G! There will be one day left to spare for the event so please do not let this chance pass by, bring your friends and families and get to know UBD :)

In addtition to that, we wish all of the members and committees of the UBD Open day 2012 to have a good rest tonight for tomorrow's f…

Another Date with our Duos - Maxine and Iman!

UBD Open Day hit it off at the Chancellor Hall today! For those who finished with their A-levels or want to pursue a post-graduate studies, this is your chance to find out what UBD has to offer. If you didn't have the chance to drop by this afternoon, there are two more days left for you to explore the programmes and researches available at UBD. The Open Day opens from 8am-4pm.

Apart from the faculty, admission and support booths, UBD also stages various extraordinary performances by UBD clubs such as Fonemik, Choir, Guling Tangan, Performing Arts and many more. Being said that UBD is not just about being intellectual but we drive individuals to be imaginative and creative.

Guess what? UBDFM is also available at the Chancellor Hall broadcasting live from the studio. This is your opportunity to meet the backbones and superstars of UBDFM too!

Talking about Performing Arts, tonight is all about drama and theater!

UBD offers modules that covers from literature to short film making su…

Local Artists/Bands Segment

You're with us Dj Bex and Dj Angel with the segment of Local Artists/Bands!
 To All of You Out There Who Wants To Be Heard!
Want to find your audience? Want your songs being played ON AIR?
Just visit us at UBD FM through our blog here or you can even email us at and send in your songs, demos, cds that you want us to play on air! 
Tonight we have societal quest with DJ Khalil and DJ Jaz, the topic was what we are shows we are or in malay terms cara pemakaian/ penampilan menunjukkan personaliti kita.

In Jaz's opinion, he says that people usually wear what their peers likes them to wear and goes on to say it's like "coins with two sides" which basically advise us not to base decision or opinion on one persons account or reflection. We have to listen both decisions before making own decision.

Khalil also gave his opinions that what we wear depends on the context of the situation and some shirts defines who we are. For example, Khalil usually wear hoodies therefore that defines who he is and what he likes to wear. Furthermore, he then talks about malay traditional wear and say that whichever alterations they make to their shirt it's still consider as malay traditional shirt.

What we wear is not limited and there are a lot of styles to try!

To listeners out there don't forget to catch with …

Societal Quest

Stay Tune with DJ Khalz with his segment of SOCIETAL QUEST! 

Tomorrow starting from 9.30 pm until 11 pm! 

DJ Khalz will discuss with you guys on various topics ON AIR! 

Hello people! :) Tonight, you are being accompanied by DJ Ami showering your evening with some beautiful songs to tune in. Moreover, you can even ask for a song request and to do so you can simply reach us through our facebook and twitter, alright? :) So guys, below are some of the updates that will be happening at UBD and get yourself up-to-date with this awesome events.

Just so you know guys, throughout this week, UBD will be busied with its Open Day event. So do not forget to come by and bring along your friends and also you could ask around on that day to find out any possible course which might help with your decisions especially for A level students :) Remember it is on 16th until 18th February 2012 from the morning until the afternoon and do experience yourself with different kind of opportunities available there just to prepare yourself with your upcoming future, alright? :) In addition to that, UBDfm will also be there so do not forget to stop by ;)

Konichiwa! Anyone adores J…

Thoughts on recent news

For tonight's session, Dj Wawa share recent news from local and international.

Following the death of Whitney Houston, Wawa expressed her professed love for the late singer. Like the rest of the world, she also shocked and deeply saddened by sudden death of the singer. Whitney, who famously having drug related problems, died today from drowning in the bathtub. Wawa, who had been a massive fan of Whitney, had also share her favourite song from the singer which is 'I have nothing'. In addition to that, she also advice everyone to stay away from drugs.

In another news, Wawa also congratulates Siti Nur Haliza, Malaysian singer, who had just launched SimplySiti at Paloma, the Mall this afternoon. Also, the score for the match between DPMM FC against the last season's S-League champion, Tampines Rivers, came to a draw in which both team scored two goals. Congratulations to DPMMFC for getting a point but as Wawa said, it's better to have a point, rather than nothing at all…

Does Age Matters In Relationships?

On our tonight's topic is about whether age matter in relationships?  DJ Bex and DJ Qeels are to company you guys from 8-11pm.
Here are some perspective of the listeners from twitter:

-@- Age is just a number.. Nothing more nothing less. . Boys Girls still a human.. Fate decides it.. Just have faith. -@- Age is just a number, it does/should not affect how we feel. The extremist however is a completely different story.
Some more on facebook:

-@'Hafiy Synyster- . Love is still love, theres no age restriction, people are the one who made rules stating that you can only be inlove when youre 18 cause by that age, people expect you to have full responsibility on ure life and on everything. Life should be measured by the loved shared, memories made and the blessings given, rather than the time spent together :)

To the listeners out there, thank you for tuning with us all the way from the 8-11pm. You can catch DJ Bex again same time next week!

A Date With Maxine and Ikhwan

Tonight we have got some special appearance made by the national badminton player Jasper Yu

and at his side, manager Peter Chen
 Throughout the segment, Peter Chen and Jasper shared us some great tips whereby to get successful in athlete career is to work out your goals and achievements. Moreover, being an athlete you should never give up and should have great passion for what you do.
We would also like to give thanks for those who participated in our discussion with our local badminton player and the manager. So don't forget to stay tune with us at 8AM till 11PM daily!