Another Date with our Duos - Maxine and Iman!

UBD Open Day hit it off at the Chancellor Hall today! For those who finished with their A-levels or want to pursue a post-graduate studies, this is your chance to find out what UBD has to offer. If you didn't have the chance to drop by this afternoon, there are two more days left for you to explore the programmes and researches available at UBD. The Open Day opens from 8am-4pm.

Apart from the faculty, admission and support booths, UBD also stages various extraordinary performances by UBD clubs such as Fonemik, Choir, Guling Tangan, Performing Arts and many more. Being said that UBD is not just about being intellectual but we drive individuals to be imaginative and creative.

Guess what? UBDFM is also available at the Chancellor Hall broadcasting live from the studio. This is your opportunity to meet the backbones and superstars of UBDFM too!

Talking about Performing Arts, tonight is all about drama and theater!

UBD offers modules that covers from literature to short film making such as Introduction to English Literature, Film & Literature, Theater Production, Literary Appreciation, Narrative Studies and the Media, Drama Skills for Effective Communication, Script Writing and Drama Studies.

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You are able to pursue a dream to be a creative and artistic individual through the programmes and excel yourself not just on text but through emotion and body expressions. Complimenting the modules available we have the Performance Arts Club, as mentioned, and the likes to give you proper training in the field of the acting, directing, producing, scriptwriting and basically back stage management. Being a literature student doesn't mean you will be a literature teacher or an actor. There are a lot of opportunities that you never thought it exist for arts, literature or drama students! To name a few; a manager, director, communication officer, designer and producer. Why? Because the modules like drama and theater production enables you to level up your charisma, confidence and management skills. With the ability to communicate and be confident, you are ready for the world!

Sadly it's time to wrap up with DJ Maxine and Iman, our crazy yet fun duos. But do not fret, book a date on Thursday on the same time, from 8-11pm only on UBDFM! See ya!