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Favorite movie of all times?

Hey music fanatics ! Our segment for tonight is . . . GEEKSPOT !
Dj Wawa is here for you great listeners out there !  Share your views , tweet us or give your comments for our topic for tonight . . .

   Some of the UBDFM crews also share their favorites ! Liyana shares that one of her favorite movie of all times is in a series, the Harry Potter series that is. She describes how she wishes to live in that kind of world where magic is might and friendship can be pure and strong such as those shown by the threesome. Mike instantly thought of The Chronicles of Narnia, stating that the setting and fantasy fascinates him. Another crew chooses Back To The Future, ''because of Michael J.Fox of course" her exact explanation ;D Another crew mentions Pearl Harbor, because it's history and they added romance into the movie.

Here are some comments posted by our Facebook listeners~ ^^)

Amal Kasim " I have a few faves, but the LOTR trilogy…

our local band tonight: The Everyday Summer

The Everyday Summer is a local band made up of 3 talented boys who are still studying in college on their last year (2012). Azam, Marzuqi and Khairil created their band in 2011 and ever since then their talent for music floursied remarkably together. 

The band's first concert was done recently at a charity event in the city.  A huge thanks to the talented band for coming to the studio giving us and UBD FM listeners the chance to interview and listen to them sing their three songs live on air. one of the songs played tonight was an original piece called 'The Star Above Us'.


Dj Khalz and Dj Jaz are here powering your night with great awesome musics :)
The SoCiEtAL QuEsT for tonight!
What social movement or which individual (leaders or any individuals) inspires you? Why?
And to make the night interesting enough,the Djs are going to share their views on who they are inspired on :)

Dj Khalsz choose 'Franz Boas' - German-American anthoropolgist which he provided a notion against white supremesy - because he provided the idea that racism against black by white in terms of level of evolution

and 'Margaret Mead' -  Franz Boas's deciple, a Columbia University scholar - she wrote her ACADEMIC article in a very simple manner, comprehensive and readable by everyone :)

"...if someone can actually motivate you to do something else for a change (in a good way), that someone is worth to be looked up to as inspiration." - Dj Khalz
Next, the person that inspires Dj Jaz is 'Rachel louise Carson' - a writer during the 40s which she…


Hello again dearest people! You are on the night of Love@Cinta Segment brought to you by Dj Maxine and Dj Fauzul discussing about one thing, TRUST in relationship! So the topic is:

How important is TRUST in a relationship?  Can any relationship function without trust?

Dj Maxine has quoted that, "You need to trust each other for a better relationship...", she also added that, "...passion, genuine feeling and commitment to one another are the keys to a success relationship which it brought about trust".

She also debated that, "Relationship will crumple without trust!". So, what do you think guys? Is it all true that trust is the perfect component to a good relationship?

This has also been viewed by Dj Fauzul and he stated that, "Trust is the backbone of a relationship for it to withstand longer". He also added that "...without trust, the person would get paranoid and that cause him or he…

Love@Cinta Segment


John Barnes grace UBDFM with his Presence !

Yesterday morning on March 25 from 10-11am, UBDFM was graced by the presence of the legendary Liverpool and England football player, John Barnes who was interviewed by Dj Madison. During the session, his high spirits and genuine care was apparent as he talked continuously about discipline and studying, leaving with a quote, “leave the glamour. Be humble. And study!” You may hear the recorded interview by clicking this link >>>> INSERT MP3 FILE HERE<<<<

 Later that afternoon, a press conference was held at the National Football Association of Brunei Darussalam (NFABD) House in Berakas. Barnes was naturally there up in the panel as he is also the ambassador of the EPL Masters Championship.

  B-MOBILE presents  EPL Masters Brunei Cup Football Championship 2012 that would happen on the 21st of April where four teams will be competing for the cup. After the conference ended, the UBDFM members had a rare chance to meet the legend himself in person and get to know him o…

Local Band/Artist segment

Last Night we had an exclusive interview with one of our local band, The Seeds! Accompanied by Dj Zharfan they talked about their music and how they are going to make more awesome music in the future!

our special guest for tonight: The Seeds


Societal Quest Segment

In tonight's segment, Dj Khalz and Dj Jaz ask the fans why people are never satisfied with their achievements and would work until they become restless which affects their mental and physical health in long term. The person who gave their thoughts get a chance to win 3 movie tickets sponsored by MVISION Cinema Empire. 
Our lovely fanbase has spoken!  From Facebook: Emie R ARPeople are in the pursuit of meaning in their lives especially in these times of celebrating individuality. So, people are always competing with each other whether they know it or not. In terms of achievement, especially at the workplace, our minds and bodies are either working together or working for our job role. For example, the ballerina pushes herself to train hard even to the point of pain...for the satisfaction of being a great performer. The footballer. The bodybuilder. The accountant. The manager. To these individuals, I'd say...if that is how they gain satisfaction in themselves, then that's tha…

Love @ Cinta: Open Relationship

whats your views on open relationship?
from some of our fabulous listeners:
mallyn_mohaimin: It could hurt people's feelings. Infact, relationship is not a thing that we could just play around with. If we love some, go for it.
Sam Mirza Simple, open relationships aren't relationships at all.

Shukri : relationships, OPEN or not are in the eyes of the beholder. If your in it and believe in it, don't give a crap what others say

Wrap up show with Khalz

If anyone still not familiar with this segment, it is basically highlights from our past segments or any events that happen throughout the week.

Khalz starts off with the Societal Quest segment which Maxine and Jazmi posted this discussion topic: 

Yesterday was the last day of the Eighth Legislative Council (LegCo8). LegCo passes $5.2B budget. You can read more on it via this link:
 S-League News: DPMM FC vs Geylang United FC. DPMM FC won with four goals netted in, beating the Geylang's goalkeeper. The final score is: 4 - 1. The winning three points catapulted DPMM FC to the top of the S-League Table.
 Last Friday, BEDB organise a talk/workshop with four social entrepreneurs from Singapore. It was held at The Rizqun International Hotel. They features four outstanding social entrepreneurs who are Ms. Eli…

Islam Awareness Week 2012


World Water Day 2012


Love @ Cinta Segment

Tonight's Segment with Dj Zharfan & Dj Iman;
Dos &DON'Ts  !! on...


Twitter ;

Shukri :waaah you look prettier on your profile pic!

Faizan Aus :"so is that beautiful friend of yours single?" (implying that im interested in her friend, not her) 
Zyra Amali : It may not be for your  but Zharfan would knit for his special one to show his sincerity ;) Memories! Hahaha

Azim HM : just be yourself

UBDFM crew : According to our crew, Don't be desperate... 

Facebook ;

Stefanie Veronica :

EPL Masters 2012

Sorry for the inconvenience today everybody. The interview with The Seeds will be postponed next week same day. Don't forget to tune in to us everyone!

Societal Quest segment!

Segment of the night!
Why do you think it is hard for some individuals to respect the differences in other nationality and cultures? Here are the statements that our listeners have reasoned about :)
#Ziera Eliani: "its the kampong syndrome, these kind of people never get the opportunities to visit other places beyond their kampong."

#Syed Halawi: "mind set...classification of bias judgment process."
#Nurul Hamdani: "Because of superiority, a group will feel that they are better than others."

#Lia Hmb: "‎'chronic ethnocentrism'! When people thought their own culture is 'more superior' than others..."

#Adli Abd. Karim‏: " that we're different in the first place."

#Honest Bruneian: "because many people are still brought up to ridicule and discriminate against whoever is different from them."

#Nuranisah HL:‏ "It's more like why some individuals disrespect other's culture…
So UBDians get yourself for a debate and participate for the MYC activity :D
Greenway Project and Free Movie! :D

Heads up people! :D

Dj Jaz and Dj Maxine are delighting your night with some awesome songs! Stay tune to UBD FM :)

Local Artists/Bands Segment


Love @ Cinta Segment


What do you do on the weekend?

What do you usually do every Saturday Night?
Here are some responses from Facebook:

Stefanie Veronica: Shopping and jalan-jalan dengan yang tersayang.

Zimah Ibrahim: Stay dirumah jadi budak baik. liat movie, Karaoke-ing, makan dan yang penting sekali dapat meluangkanmasa dengan keluarga tersayang.

Fauzul Azhim: Movie Marathon with the cousins.

Here are also our favourite reponses from twitter:

@xiaQl: Since I got no free time every Saturday night, I revise, do homework and everything relates to study. Frankly I always enjoy it! :D

@emie_rr: lol cartoon ^_^ I'm usually out w friends/cousins, dinner/catching up! but tonight, I'm actually at home for family/me time :)

@ZurahNamia: Crying over mistakes I had done 

@azmhm :Playing football with the cousin

Local Band/Artist Segment

Tonight we're having another segment with one of our local bands, Violate! They're a Malay band and their songs are mostly alternative rock. The members are:

Din as the guitarist
Azmey as the vocalist
Zek as the guitarist
Juki as the drummer
& Maming as the bassist  We played some of their popular tracks right here in UBD FM if you guys have listened to it which is Aku Perlu Kamu, Aku Ingin, Selamat Tinggal, Semangat.
Check out more of their songs just go to :