Saturday, 10 March 2012

What do you do on the weekend?

What do you usually do every Saturday Night?

Here are some responses from Facebook:

Stefanie Veronica: Shopping and jalan-jalan dengan yang tersayang.

Zimah Ibrahim: Stay dirumah jadi budak baik. liat movie, Karaoke-ing, makan dan yang penting sekali dapat meluangkanmasa dengan keluarga tersayang.

Fauzul Azhim: Movie Marathon with the cousins.

Here are also our favourite reponses from twitter:

@xiaQl: Since I got no free time every Saturday night, I revise, do homework and everything relates to study. Frankly I always enjoy it! :D

@emie_rrlol cartoon ^_^ I'm usually out w friends/cousins, dinner/catching up! but tonight, I'm actually at home for family/me time :)

@ZurahNamia: Crying over mistakes I had done 

@azmhm :Playing football with the cousin


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