Catching up with Aziz Harun on UBDFM!

In his Baju Cara Melayu, Aziz Harun came to UBDFM with his brother, Rahim, for an interview with DJ Zharfan and DJ Zurin on the Versus Show last Friday 16th September 2011. Along with his brother, they played a couple of songs including his upcoming single. Pre-interview and on-air he is actually shy and timid around us. He was nervous for it was the first time he had an interview. (But I also think it is the age gap. Haha). But then he showed his other side when he plays the guitar and fooled around the camera a bit. He turns out to be playful!

I first discovered Aziz Harun when introduced him with his original track "Battle That We Never Won" with his brother Rahim years back. Truth to be told, I was mind blown knowing that he wrote a piece when he was just 11 years old! 

Oh such shame for a 22 year old. I have never accomplished anything at such young age...Oh well, carry on!

  • Full name: Abdul Aziz Harun
  • Age: 12 yrs old coming 13 this December.
  • School: JIS, Year 8
  • Family: He has 6 siblings (4 sisters and 1 brother). He is the youngest.
  • Record Label: Projectunes Record (Signed in 2010)
  • Current single: Peace and Harmony
  • Ambition: A lawyer

Most of you now may have discovered him through Youtube, local radio stations, local TV and even competitions. Under the account of Jambul212, Aziz started off through Youtube where he uploaded a lot of cover tracks in English and Malay as well as his original singles. His first video was Bellaluna by Jason Mraz in 2008.

He sometimes feature his family in his covers which includes his sister, Tharwana; his brother, Rahim; and cousins and other artists who are equally brilliant in singing. His latest cover song features his sister Tharwana Harun – Suasana Hari Raya in Youtube.

Aziz started to sing when he was just 2 years old of which he also gained interest in playing guitar. Officially he learned the instrument when he was 6 years old. His family is a huge inspiration where his father and siblings love to sing and karaoke during their free time. Thus In fact his eldest sister, Shazwana, was in Bintang Kecil years ago. Following his sister's footsteps, he also joined Bintang Kecil and won himself an award in 2009. And because of his amazing talent, he was sent to Kuching and Singapore for competitions. He then won another award for Best Performance in Kuching.

To him, singing is just a hobby but deep inside he would like to go international one day. UBDFM and your fans have your full support Aziz! We wish you all the best of luck :) 

Unfortunately Aziz had to bid UBDFM farewell by 11pm. To our surprise he 'salam' the big sisters and brothers of UBDFM. Bless him for being talented and respectful! +1!  

Serenading the crowd in the UBDFM Lounge.

We will upload his videos from UBDFM studio soon. So watch this space!

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By Feefah and Dibah