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Catch PAPERBACK SERENADE, Live on UBD FM with DJ Sylvan on The Local Band and Artist Segment.
This Wednesday, 27 Oct 2010; From 7 pm to 11 pm.
Don't forget to tune in to UBD FM - The Station For The Next Generation!

Groove Architects: FABIO and FEE DE NOCHE

Catch FABIO and FEE DE NOCHE of Groove Architects.

LIVE on UBD FM, Saturday 23 October 10pm-12am
To watch them play live on that evening, go to:

UBD FM Update

Hello everyone,

More events lining up for UBD FM! But first here's a video from last night's interview with Nizam:

Tonight we will be interviewing Siti Nur Bazilah Ghazali, a student from the Institute of Health Sciences on the "Fenomena@UBD FM" segment with DJ Zahar at 7pm. The topic will be "Kurangnya penghayatan Islam dalam masyarakat" so don't forget to stay tuned.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Thinkin' Thoughts that was planned for tomorrow night will be postponed to a later date.

Don't forget to tune in to UBD FM to listen/watch Groove Architects on Saturday evening.

Also, GOOD NEWS FOR BUNKFACE & HUJAN FANS. "HUJAN VS BUNKFACE LIVE CONCERT" concert will be held at Miri's Indoor Stadium on 18 Dec 2010. To book your tickets please e-mail UBD FM at

Nizam Live on UBD FM!

Catch Nizam, a UBD graduate, Live on UBD FM with DJ Sylvan on the Local Band and Artist Segment.
Tonight, 7pm-11pm!
Tune in to UBD FM: Station for the Next Generation.

Donation Collection Drive

Donate your unwanted but good items for charity!

Give away used-but-good clothes, books, magazines, papers, accessories, shoes, bags, files, etc! We have received a generous number of donations from just a group of UVC members during the first club activity, and are looking forward to more! The donated stuff will be sorted on the day itself.

You can also buy stuff other people have donated!"One's rubbish is another one's treasure":) All proceeds will go to SMARTER Brunei. So help us out to help them out!

Event: Donation Collection Drive
Place: CLT foyer (booth)
Day: 20th October 2010 (Wednesday)
Time: 2:00 - 4:30 PM

If you would like to set up an earlier or later pick-up meeting for the stuff collection (if you can't do it on the day itself, or have too many stuff to give away), please, with your name, details of stuff, day, place and pick-up time :)

The collection drive will continue throughout the week! Just let us know, and we'll be g…

UBD FM Update

Hello fans of UBD FM!
Last week we've managed to surpass the 10,000th mark for fans and to be honest it's a bit overwhelming! UBD FM is more than just an online radio broadcasting news and promoting events; we are now involved as emcees and event organisers.
Recently we helped out with Bunkface & Hujan's Hari Raya and Meet the Fans event at ICC. A day before the function, UBD FM played host to three international artists namely Maher Zain, Hujan and Bunkface and the outcome was, for lack of a better word, amazing.
Just two weeks ago, UBD FM was also involved in promoting Peace One Day alongside the International Club of UBD. Some of our members participated in the football matches and also helped out with emceeing the charitable occasion to raise funds for the victims of flooding in Pakistan. Prior to that, UBD FM organised the stage performances for the Graduates' Street Festival and we've had quite an overwhelming response from bands to perform. UBD students had…