UBD FM Update

Hello fans of UBD FM!

Last week we've managed to surpass the 10,000th mark for fans and to be honest it's a bit overwhelming! UBD FM is more than just an online radio broadcasting news and promoting events; we are now involved as emcees and event organisers.

Recently we helped out with Bunkface & Hujan's Hari Raya and Meet the Fans event at ICC. A day before the function, UBD FM played host to three international artists namely Maher Zain, Hujan and Bunkface and the outcome was, for lack of a better word, amazing.

Just two weeks ago, UBD FM was also involved in promoting Peace One Day alongside the International Club of UBD. Some of our members participated in the football matches and also helped out with emceeing the charitable occasion to raise funds for the victims of flooding in Pakistan. Prior to that, UBD FM organised the stage performances for the Graduates' Street Festival and we've had quite an overwhelming response from bands to perform. UBD students had the opportunity to expose their talents to the public in the area of singing and dancing. Some of the graduates also took part in the performances. Artists such as Hill Zaini and AJ made their appearances, together with bands such as Avantgarde and Epic Tragedy.

UBD FM also received some 80 visitors a few days ago, comprising of primary and secondary school students and staff from Johor Bahru. The students particularly were very excited to have a hands-on experience of going on air, and we also conducted a short interview with one of the faculty members.

Suffice to say we've had quite an interesting start to the semester. Alhamdulillah, though there were a few glitches here and there, the team has otherwise made all the events successful. Being part of UBD FM can be quite demanding for us students, but we "study hard, play hard".

In that retrospect, our upcoming events/segments will be a bit more academic-based. This Wednesday, UBD FM will be conducting an interview with one of the budding talents from the UBD student body, Udi Luqman. On Thursday, a few students from the Faculty of Science will be sharing their tips and experiences on time management and how studying a course that can be time demanding did not stop them from exploring their musical talents. On Saturday evening, UBD FM is inviting a few disc jockeys from Groove Architects for an on-air live demonstration of the turntable. On the following Friday, 22nd October, UBD FM with BAG Network will be conducting the third phase of the e-Bunda project, this time inviting panelists such as Rano Iskandar, Ahmad Jefri Rahman, and someone from Microsoft to talk about responsible blogging. The forum will be focussed on youth and internet laws, which is a response to the dialogue organised by one of the panels, Ahmad Jefri Rahman, recently.

Stay tuned for more events coming up on UBD FM, the Station for the Next Generation.