Tonight's Segment with Dj Zharfan & Dj Iman;

Dos &DON'Ts  !! on...



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Shukri : waaah you look prettier on your profile pic!

Faizan Aus : "so is that beautiful friend of yours single?" (implying that im interested in her friend, not her) 

Zyra Amali :  It may not be for your  but Zharfan would knit for his special one to show his sincerity ;) Memories! Hahaha

Azim HM :  just be yourself

UBDFM crew : According to our crew, Don't be desperate... 

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Stefanie Veronica : Do's--> trust each other, no matter what, no matter how far apart.
Don'ts--> start telling lies. Cause once u lie, u'll do it over and over again :)
Love each other more each day, cherish every moment cause u don't know when it's gonna be taken away from u.