Societal Quest segment!

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Why do you think it is hard for some individuals to respect the differences in other nationality and cultures?
Here are the statements that our listeners have reasoned about :)

#Ziera Eliani: "its the kampong syndrome, these kind of people never get the opportunities to visit other places beyond their kampong."

#Syed Halawi: "mind set...classification of bias judgment process."
#Nurul Hamdani: "Because of superiority, a group will feel that they are better than others."

#Lia Hmb: "'chronic ethnocentrism'! When people thought their own culture is 'more superior' than others..."

#Adli Abd. Karim: " that we're different in the first place."

#Honest Bruneian: "because many people are still brought up to ridicule and discriminate against whoever is different from them."

#Nuranisah HL: "It's more like why some individuals disrespect other's culture when they were taught good values from birth."

#Mirza Irsyaduddin: "because they think the other cultures live easier than them when they are just the same. They are no excuses for disliking other races."

Interesting thoughts! so guys whats your say? If you think that you have a better reason than send your comments to our facebook and twitter :) and get ready for our next segment because more intellectual topics will get critical everyone! :D

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