Love @ Cinta: Open Relationship

whats your views on open relationship?

from some of our fabulous listeners:

mallyn_mohaimin:  It could hurt people's feelings. Infact, relationship is not a thing that we could just play around with. If we love some, go for it.

Sam Mirza Simple, open relationships aren't relationships at all.

Shukri relationships, OPEN or not are in the eyes of the beholder. If your in it and believe in it, don't give a crap what others say

from the crew: Open Relationship is a waste of time, instead of that, why not just be friends?

Someone posted saying that Open relationship is NOT a real relationship. What say you beautiful people? :D

Adli Abd. Karim :still a legit relationship. We don't 'own' each other in any kind of relationship except marriage anyway. What right do we have?