Favorite movie of all times?

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   Some of the UBDFM crews also share their favorites ! Liyana shares that one of her favorite movie of all times is in a series, the Harry Potter series that is. She describes how she wishes to live in that kind of world where magic is might and friendship can be pure and strong such as those shown by the threesome. Mike instantly thought of The Chronicles of Narnia, stating that the setting and fantasy fascinates him. Another crew chooses Back To The Future, ''because of Michael J.Fox of course" her exact explanation ;D Another crew mentions Pearl Harbor, because it's history and they added romance into the movie.

Here are some comments posted by our Facebook listeners~ ^^)

Amal Kasim " I have a few faves, but the LOTR trilogy tops it all. Let's face it, how many movies can win 17 out of 30 Academy Awards? :P "

Karma Jumantara "Cast away starring tom hanks , inspiring story of a man who survive for love and life :') "

Stefanie Veronica "Pearl Harbour. It not only teaches us about the importance of being loyal to our friends, regardless if there is a girl/a boy that comes between that friendship, but it's also full of history. Learning or memorizing, especially if you're a history student becomes easier when u watch important incidents that took place wayyy back then through a movie :)"

Rina Habib " Grease! Just cuz :p Who doesn't love the songs from the movie :) "

Reezal H.Daim "pendekar bujang lapok...sebab evergreen~cobaaaann~ "

Let's not forget some tweets from our twitter followers :D

Nadzirah Sidup " FORREST GUMP :D Because the story really inspire me not to give up ;) "


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