Societal Quest Segment

In tonight's segment, Dj Khalz and Dj Jaz ask the fans why people are never satisfied with their achievements and would work until they become restless which affects their mental and physical health in long term. The person who gave their thoughts get a chance to win 3 movie tickets sponsored by MVISION Cinema Empire. 

Our lovely fanbase has spoken! 
From Facebook:
Emie R AR People are in the pursuit of meaning in their lives especially in these times of celebrating individuality. So, people are always competing with each other whether they know it or not. In terms of achievement, especially at the workplace, our minds and bodies are either working together or working for our job role. For example, the ballerina pushes herself to train hard even to the point of pain...for the satisfaction of being a great performer. The footballer. The bodybuilder. The accountant. The manager. To these individuals, I'd say...if that is how they gain satisfaction in themselves, then that's that. But once you've reached *the* point of pain/satisfaction, time to step back :) Apologies for long text! 

Hazeerul Hiqmal because kadang2 people mau lagi kan achieve lagi yang tinggi2.. macam kirakan pangkat doran atu 'C' tapi dorang mau highest lagi daripada atu.. then.. kadang2 mental dorang tergendala mengakibatkan mereka terlelah, dan.. kitani jgn jua terlampau memikirkan macam results 'o' level. ani tah membuat kitani orang brunei stress dan dpress.. ada jua yg bekeraja 24jam sampai inda terfikir keluarga mereka..... otot2 dan darah sarap kitani berjalan hanya 5 ke 7 jam.. bukan 24jam, kitani bukannya ''computer'' dan juga teknologi yang canggih boleh bekerja 24 jam, tidak akan terjadi.... ;) 

Malique Ali Ok. I'll try my best to answer this question. We as humans but not all of us though, sometimes tend to not be satisfied with oneself. It's human nature, its our typical habit. We want more, we want to try something new, this act is called curiosity. For example, if we were satisfied with the ability of walking, we would not be driving a car. Right? Due to this, the urge to want more, the urge to try something new makes a restless physically and mentally and I would personally say that this people are hard working people. Thanks :D 

Congratulations to our 3 commentators for giving your thoughts and winning your movie tickets. Good luck and have fun :) Don't forget to tune in to Societal Quest every Tuesday at 9-11 pm!


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