SoCieTal Quests 21/2

Tonight's societal quests topic is how do films affect individuals and society? We have special guests with us, Zawanah, Arina and Sheha. All of them are final year sociology students. They are promoting Sociology and Anthropology Film Festivals as part of their coursework Popular Culture taught by Prof. Wan Zawawi.  The theme was to empowering alternative imaginings, human values and agency.

They were asked why some people should take Sociology and Anthropology. Zawanah and Arina explained that sociology covers many fields including politics and economics. Most famous questions asked by people is that if they dont have a background in Sociology, can they take a degree in Sociology? Zaw claims that she was from science background. Although she struggled in the first year, but she managed to catch up the following years. Dj Jaz said that by taking Sociology and Anthropology it makes a person more analytical, sceptical and theoretical.

Another popular question often asked by people is that what are the differences between Sociology and Anthropology? The guests gave no clear answer for this, as Sheha explained that sociology and anthropology overlaps with each other.

Few comments from listeners over the topic:

 " It has lots effects like violence, kids know how to use guns nowdays, people learn how to steal by just watching to the movie. They learn what was on the film by not knowing what is good and bad, i guese films have most impact in youth these days. Thats why parents have to play their role in looking out to they youngster and give motivation what best for them and not influence in films or movies characters" - Mashuara Ali

" Ia betul2 memberi kesan yg mendalam kpd masyarat kerana pada masa ini kanak2 pn tau akan apa meaning by sex, kanak2 tau membunuh ( berlaku di luar negeri ), mebuat perkara2 yang tak berfaedah seperti mencuri dan membuli , semuanya kerana teikut2 nya apa yang di tayangkan di film atau movie, cara membenterasnya ialah dgn mengadakan ceramah2 dan motivasi kpd masyarakat supaya menyedari akan keburukkan tentang film2 yang di tayangan, tidak semu lah film itu mengadungi bahaya tetapi mereka sering menerapkan tentang pakaian dan org selalu bilang belakon seperti benar dan ia akan menjadi benar di alam kenyataan" - Wink Waty

Final words from the guests is that they wanted you all to come and support them by attending the 1st UBD Film Festival of World Cinema.

From left to right: DJ Jaz, DJ Khalz, Sheha, Arina, Zawanah