Does Age Matters In Relationships?

On our tonight's topic is about whether age matter in relationships?  DJ Bex and DJ Qeels are to company you guys from 8-11pm.

 Here are some perspective of the listeners from twitter:

-@- Age is just a number.. Nothing more nothing less. . Boys Girls still a human.. Fate decides it.. Just have faith.
-@ Age is just a number, it does/should not affect how we feel. The extremist however is a completely different story.

Some more on facebook:

'Hafiy Synyster- . Love is still love, theres no age restriction, people are the one who made rules stating that you can only be inlove when youre 18 cause by that age, people expect you to have full responsibility on ure life and on everything.
Life should be measured by the loved shared, memories made and the blessings given, rather than the time spent together :)

To the listeners out there, thank you for tuning with us all the way from the 8-11pm. You can catch DJ Bex again same time next week!