Love @ Cinta Topic for Tonight!

The discussion topic of tonight's Love@Cinta show is,

"Is flirting with someone while you're in a relationship considered as cheating?"
 Gender is an inescapable part of our psychological makeup. So, receiving a smile or glance or something else similarly flirtatious is a balm to the ego and a reaffirmation of one’s being attractive enough to be noticed by the opposite sex. Mild flirtation of that sort is perfectly acceptable in a committed relationship. Unless we are going to force our women into a life similar to that forced upon women in Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan, flirting will occur inevitably. Men should be able to resist casual flirtation and be able to respond to it in a socially appropriate manner.
Flirting becomes inappropriate when either the words spoken or the conduct definitely suggests a strong desire to have the relationship become physical.  It also become inappropriate when one person uses the flirtation to tease or distract the other person to the point that the receiver of the flirtation is exposed to social or physical harm.