Good evening lovely people! Happy 28th National Day to all UBD communities and 
all citizens of Brunei Darussalam :)

For the first bits of this evening, your life is showered with some awesome local songs all made by Bruneians, so guys if you wish to hear more of them then do not let yourself waiting and just tune in to UBDfm, and make a request for it! or you can even send your dedications to your friends and families from overseas. There is no need to be shy because the radio station is aired especially for you :) 

Finally, UBD Brunei Rock Climbing Club has opened its registration for the first time so do grab this chance to experience yourself with a new form of adventure :) Do not forget to send your particulars to the stated contacts and do not be empty handed.


Another announcement to post for you guys, on Monday, 27th February 2012, the UBDfm will have its Dj Audition and interviews for Marketing Manager or Operation Manager so guys try these two out! :) More information can be looked at the posters above.

Tonight's chapter, 'That's so Bruneian' is brought to you by Dj Maxine and Dj Iman about things that relates to Brunei Darussalam particularly anything! Below are the things that can be thought about during the night by our listeners :)

#1. 'Ambuyat' - This is a kind of delicacies that is so well known to Bruneians and it is the first notion that will bring about when people converse about Brunei. The word symbolizes Brunei Darussalam's traditional asset and, therefore, it should not be extinct from our life. 

#2. 'Nasi Katok' - DJ Iman has shared his favourite Nasi Katok which is believed to locate at Madang and Lambak Kiri and he said that their 'Sambals' are the best, is it true? Then that is for you to find out ;) Nasi Katok is mostly comprises of rice, fried chicken and the most important one is the Sambal. There are a lot of Nasi Katok stalls mushroomed at Brunei Darussalam and each one has its own taste that what makes it so special to Brunei.

#3. Brunei's phrases like 'Maskuah' and 'Rileksha' - Why such phrases happened to Bruneians? Some say it is not nice to be heard and it a form of lazy statement. Well it is up to each one of us to determine what the real reason for it to happen.

#4. Durian -  Which one do you like, white or orange coloured-skin durian fruit? When you see that there is a lot of durian on the streets then its time for Durian Season! :)

So people do not forget to be with us for the next segment, and do not let your minds restricted, shout out your views and feedbacks, and be interactive with us :)

You can meet us through our facebook and twitter as stated below :)