Tonight we have societal quest with DJ Khalil and DJ Jaz, the topic was what we are shows we are or in malay terms cara pemakaian/ penampilan menunjukkan personaliti kita.


In Jaz's opinion, he says that people usually wear what their peers likes them to wear and goes on to say it's like "coins with two sides" which basically advise us not to base decision or opinion on one persons account or reflection. We have to listen both decisions before making own decision.


Khalil also gave his opinions that what we wear depends on the context of the situation and some shirts defines who we are. For example, Khalil usually wear hoodies therefore that defines who he is and what he likes to wear. Furthermore, he then talks about malay traditional wear and say that whichever alterations they make to their shirt it's still consider as malay traditional shirt.

What we wear is not limited and there are a lot of styles to try!

To listeners out there don't forget to catch with DJ Jaz and DJ Khalil next week, same day from 8-11pm.

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