Tonight's session with Bex and Qeels

Good news to all Potter fans or Rowling's fans! J.K Rowling had a book deal but this time, she'll be writing an adult novel. We like the rest of the world excited with the news and very much looking forward for the novel which will be publish somewhere this year. Some even look forward if Rowling will have another movie deal for her new book. We're sure that most Rowlings' fans crossing their fingers on this one.

It seems like the spreads like fire across Brunei. We love the rage meme comic that was shared around social networks. Even in UBDfm studio and lounge, we always have 9gag website open on our computers. If you don't know what's they hype about 9gag, go google it and enjoy. Maybe you can do it next week? During the semester break which starts next week? :)

There is also a football match going on: Myanmar versus Phillipines. The match was won by Myanmar where 8 goals were conceded. Who will win the Hassanal Bolkiah Trophy 2012?

Full time score:

Myanmar 8-2 Phillipines