Good evening people! Dj Bex is on the air tonight giving you plentiful of upbeat tunes to your life. If you wish to request songs and dedication for tomorrow,  just scroll down to find out on where to go, alright? :)

The second day of UBD Open Day 2012 has been really amazing! There were two awesome performances being done for today by the Nasyid Club and Fonemik Club. They were truly 'spectacular-istic'! Just so you know, UBDfm is having its quiz game during the day so do not miss this out if you wish to earn some beautiful goodies in courtesy from B-mobile. Also, good news to all of us that the PMUBD Cafe has revealed its secret attraction which is its own tasty lasagna and it tasted like O.M.G! There will be one day left to spare for the event so please do not let this chance pass by, bring your friends and families and get to know UBD :)

In addtition to that, we wish all of the members and committees of the UBD Open day 2012 to have a good rest tonight for tomorrow's final day occasion. This note is also goes to the lovely UBDfm crews, a big fat thank you to all of you for your hard work and to the rest of the people who have contributed so much to the success of the event. Therefore, do not get yourself overwork, alright? :)

Anyway guys, tonight's evening segment, entitled 'Success in life means money which means happiness' is brought to you with the notion of money-happy predicaments whereby the idea of happiness rises from money. There are so many arguments related to this content but despite of having different kinds of individualistic mind, money do possess an important role in our own life. However, to a certain extent, some people do really able to earn a successful life without money. For example, marriage wise, happiness is created.

One of the listeners, Angel Choo, stated that "i think the term 'success' varies with different people. most view success as earning big money. the more money you have, the more successful you are. i like how Bob Dylvan sees it, "A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do."". 

This is a true logical believes that one must be filled with true hard work and commitment to earn good money in order to reach the status of 'happiness'. It is either by possessing a high-paid career or being creative to your life. Moreover, things that you love to do or dreams to achieve could also bring your life to a different path of earning happiness. It is up to each one of us to feel what happiness is all about, so, throughout the day, we experience values and things we do not know about which can bring about happiness, only you can explain the way how happiness works for you. :)

In conclusion to the context of tonight's title, it is really a matter of how you view your life to carve that smile on your face. Success is just a middle part of your life, it is a matter of how you begin with it that makes your achievements to happiness be worthwhile. 

There will be another segment tomorrow with a different one so get yourself to participate and get critical :) Brunei and beyond!

Some entertainment news for you guys! have you heard that Janet Jackson will be chosen as a judge for X-Factor? Also Nick Cannon has revealed his health problem of blood clots and heart trouble just because of excessive workout and overwork? Lastly, do you know that Reese Witherspoon wanting kate Middleton to call her because Kate is so cool? Well then direct yourself to E-Online news to know more, good night people! :)

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