Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Societal Quest segment with Dj Khalz and Dj Maxine

Today's segment, our DJ will discuss "How materialistic the youth of Brunei become?"  Materialistic or most commonly known as materialism is the desire to consume and acquire material goods. The main reason that drives the youth to become materialistic is due to money and importance of materials in this generation. Parents prioritize the money therefore money is very important as goods are getting more expensive and technologies are getting more important especially during this era. 
A young boy with lots of money!

Furthermore, those youth who happens to find a career and getting a salary tends to spend on products that are far more expensive. They will likely to regret this in the near future due to loans and other needs they need to pay. The important thing we need to learn here is to save up money as much as possible and whenever the money is absolutely needed then it is a priority to spend on it. As for mobile devices, youth are now updated with current fashion and usually are ahead with their respective older friends and families. 

So whatever you do guys, save up your money and you won't regret it for your whole lifetime! Don't forget to catch up another 'Societal Quest' same day and same time, which is every Tuesday from 8pm to 11pm. Stay tune with us at UBDFM, Station For The Next Generation. 


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