Geekspot: Collector

Tonight's topic is all about collector. It was said that collecting things can be a hobby. Collecting things can also reflect their passion or their personality. Take for example, a person who likes to collect old cameras can be an avid photographer himself.

According to some website, we collect things because it can trigger our memories. Others collect things just to show their wealth

Here are some of the comments from our listeners:

From Nischa Rani: She likes to collect Supernatural DVDs and also added that 'Winchester Brothers rock!'

From Jazmi Kamel: He likes to collect games apps from Apple Store. He also included that if he get bored with it, he'll delete and download a new one.

The crews also said that they an avid collectors themselves. Yana said she collect clothes with different style or fashion. She also collect toy cars.

As for Dayat, she likes to collect pens even if it already ran out of ink. She also love to collect pens from around the world. One of her favourite pen is from New Zealand. It was quite a unique pen because it has a small rugby ball at the end of it.