Love Oh! Cinta: Best Friend to Love

What do you do think about falling in love with your best friend? Should you let out your feeling or just hold it to yourself? Are you prepared to take the risk?

Best friend is a person whom you share the strongest possible kind of friendship. It is a great gift you earn in your life by having a best friend whom you can share your thoughts, feelings and things that you have been experiencing in your life. The feeling of empathy and care grow within you because you have someone ready to listen to your need. Do you ever feel that this kind of mutual interaction can burgeon out into Love? Tonight, Dj Wawa talks about the comprehension of falling in love with your best friend, and thoughts on how you can tackle this kind of circumstances and risk you will eventually get when the moment you have fallen to your best friend.

What would be your reaction when you start to make the move? Is it going to be awkward, a dead silent between one another or is it something that thrills your love life? Sometimes things like this would not turn out to be what you expect to be. Dealing with it can be very tough and especially if the one you find does not feel the same way as you do. 

To a certain extent, when it turns into a relationship, it would be easy for both side because they have already know how to accommodate each other wants and needs. Generally, best friend is a person whom you feel alive with and enjoy the activities that you both always have. So, isn't it true that people in relationship should feel the same way as well? Our listeners have shared their thoughts about the predicament of the topic for tonight whether they prefer having a best friend as your love one or not. Most of them prefer to just stay as friend because it is a great lost if you lost your best friend just because of letting know of your feeling to him or her, and the feeling should be keep it within you. Well, if you know your best friend likes you too, then lucky you :)

Dj Wawa has also shared few things about the issue about the signs that you start to fall in love with your best friend. First sign is when the moment you start to miss your best friend a lot that you start to picturing them in your head constantly, and you just wish them to be there with you every time. Therefore,  you start to text the person, make phone calls and 'Skype'. Thus, these kind of behaviours entail your thought about your feeling towards him or her. Secondly, you become romantic and care about your best friend. You start to give your best friend like presents, flowers or even go out for lunch. Lastly, you would spend most of your time with your best friend.

So that concludes for tonight's segment and do not forget to tune in to us again for tomorrow's Societal Quest with our dearest Dj Khalz. Just so you know, Eda Brig will be waiting you on Wednesday! Stay tune...


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