BruNerf Association in the studio!

have you guys heard of BruNerf association? are you a Nerf player? tonight we are fortunate to get the Nerf association members in the studio for an interview.

Pg. Shah, president BruNerf association started this association 2 years ago and they currently have 1611 members. His wife, Siti, the secretary of BruNerf association, works hand in hand with her husband in getting BruNerf well known in Brunei Darussalam. Siti deals with the admin work like getting the place and paperworks done. discipline officer of BruNerf association is also with us tonight, Nabil, a graduate from MTSSR. His work is to teach basic discipline rules like what to wear, proper gear and guidelines.

Nerf is a gun or as they call it, a blaster which can be found in department stores around Brunei. they play Nerf like in wars, but without real bullets rather they use sponge bullet-like as amos. Common places where they usually play Nerf are at the Taman Jubilee near the city and Beribi flat playground. Another common place where they usually have their annual tournaments in December where people from all districts come and play is at the Berakas Forest Reserve. Headcounts for tournaments usually rise up to about 500 people.

The main reason why Pg. Shah created the BruNerf association is so that teens can go out and do a healthy sports once a week rather than they bum around at home or crowd and waste their time at the shopping mall. His biggest influence to starting this association is from looking at his son having fun fooling around with friends playing toy guns shooting around. So he talked to his wife and started their own team.Currently Pg. Shah has 57 members in his team, while his wife has 6-8 members in her team which consist of all girls and Nabil has about 50 members in his team.

one of the well-known events that BruNerf has had in the past are costume wars. They had Mafia as their theme in the past and the most recent costume war was with the theme as Traditional. their upcoming event is during the Belia Prihatin Day which will be held in June and they will set up a ghost house at the Stadium.

last few words from the founder of BruNerf, don't stop Nerfing, play safe and remember the objective of playing the game. teamwork!

UBD also has their own Nerf club will approximately 9 members and most probably they will have a nerf event at the UBD Pesta Convocation soon.these are pictures from the UBD Nerf Club:

if you want to join BruNerf Association. you can check their page on Facebook and post on their page on joining the association.

thank you to the BruNerf association for coming to the studio and we hope the future of BruNerf will be more exposed in the Future.