Love Oh! Cinta with DJ Zimah

"I Love You" is a phrase that is easier to be said, yet, can everyone manage to say it that easy? Is there any difference between female and male gender in saying such phrase? Between men and women who do you think say it the most?

This three words hold a special meaning for everyone and when you say them you make sure that you meant it all with your heart. Some people seem to find these words easy to say, some find it hard. Each one of us has different terms and definitions when it comes in delivering such words to your intended person. Despite of the gender differences, its actually up to the individual themselves to willingly say those special words. Our listeners have discussed that saying such phrase is actually simple but putting it into an action and show it is the most difficult part. 

Lets define every word of the phrase:

"I" - It represents you. You are tying yourself to the rest of the words in the phrase. You would have never guessed that this smallest word could carry so much power.

"Love" - It fills with many emotions tied to it. Excitement, affection, devotion and so many others. You can love many things. Family, friends, pets, cars, houses, other items, simply you can love just about anything. However, in this context for this phrase it is generally aimed toward a person, someone who can respond to you, and not only respond but understand the complication of this simple word.

"You" - It represents the person you are speaking to. This part of the phrase ties you to them, connecting both of you. This might be the part that is hardest to say. it is east to say "I Love" because there are many things to love. but to direct that love at one individual is something that can be difficult.