How far would you go to achieve your dreams??

Do you have a dream deep in your heart that you want to pursue? Have you always wanted to make that dream come true? Dreams in this context are things we want to happen in our lives for example, we dream of wanting Starbucks in Brunei. That sort of dream. Dream could be our aspirations in our lives, our ambitions, goals and aims so that in the future we could be happy of the things we have achieved or given. Unfortunately,, our dreams sometimes are beyond our capabilities and sometimes it is impossible to achieve one's dream. Others who are strong-will will work very hard in order to achieve it and that is how we have successful people in this world. From there, we can make them as our inspiration so that we could achieve that dream of ours. 

Trying to achieve our dreams, we have to undergo many obstacles, challenges and hardships depends on how big is your dream. As mentioned, you have to have that spirit, strong-will in order to achieve it. Sometimes people do bizarre and amazing things so they could achieve that dreams. Sometimes you have to make so many sacrifices, abandon others or lose a lot of money but in the end, if it all worked out, you will get your dream.  

In order to achieve those dreams, you must have plans, create plans and resolutions. Chances are that to achieve your dreams and live a life you love, those goals and resolutions are crucial. Goal setting and goal achievement are easier if you have that strong-will for effective and successful goal setting and resolution accomplishment.

This is what our listeners thought about the topic for tonight:

محمد الحسيني -Achieving ones dreams requires concentration and willingness (nya tani kuat ati). Focus on one particular task and do it with full commitment and dicipline plus you must be FASCINATED/ strong interest towards achieving your dreams. For instance, if you want to become a well dressed person in the abode of peace, you must have willingness, fascination with contemporary styles. First focus on instagram to connect with fashionistas around the world. That'd be a very big step. Inspire people from around the world. And maybe one day more people will update their styles, and the mall and other fashion stores might sell different kinds of good stuffs like Zara, Topman, Urbanoutfitters etc

hafizahmunirah -starve myself, not spending any money just to travel around the world. Is that bad? 

azalina - by D.U.I.T , Doa , Usaha, Ikhtiar dan Tawakal. (: (: my best Answers!

Congratulations to محمد الحسيني who won 2 movie tickets sponsored by Mvision Cinema Empire!


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