Societal Quest - Money!

topic for tonight's Societal Quest: Why is money a motivating factor? is it the only motivating factor?

does money really matter? Fedrick Herzberg's two-factor theory; hygiene factor and motivation factor, mentioned that the motivation factor such as job satisfaction is more important than the hygene factor (money). how well do people agree with this? money is better at attracting and retaining people as oppose to influencing to their job.

Fauzul Azim mentioned that Money is a motivating factor because it helps the person know that what they're doing, is worth their time, blood and sweats. Family is also a motivating factor as they can be the reason for a person's hard-willed determination and goals for achieving their dreams. Ny Izd said that, t
here's a saying dat can kinda answer the question, 'money isnt everything...but everything needs money" Despite the saying, she still believe in love as a very crucial motivating factor to have in life. though at the end of day,u need money to get things going with living with those you love...may it be ur family, your partner, your children, your needs money. she also mentioned that she works every day for money to pay those requisites for my family. the real catalyst is indeed LOVE for my family. no doubt without the Love for family, she might not care less to find money.

Artdeno Fiona said that, It seems that money nowadays is a motivating factor because everything now seems to revolve around money. Modern technology and living, and development makes money matter more. Health, sustanence, education and the basic needs for modern day survival all require some amount of money. Be it some small amount or more larger amounts. As of now our government is making changes therefore in time we may be paying for more than we are used to before. In time, water, electricity, health must be paid without the governments aid/subsidy, much like the more developed countries such as singapore and malaysia. We have to face it, time are changing for a more developed be on par with our more developed neighboring counterparts. And we must be prepared to do educate ourselves and be prepared financially for whats to come.

Amal Kasim argued that Money is a motivating factory. why? Money has become a tool to acquire our needs and desires. But is it the only motivating factor? Certainly not. Because despite people's beliefs they are solely motivated by money, other factors too, affect our motivation for doing things. Interests, needs and preferences, for example, affect motivation. Say if one is not interested in being confined in a lecture room for hours listening to lectures, so even if you 'motivate' him by paying him to sit there listening to things he doesn't enjoy, it's not going to increase his interest meter bar. However money can be a powerful motivator when you're desperate for money. Scenario: a person just graduated from a tertiary institution. However he can't find a job with the qualification he has. Thus, in order to make a living, he has no choice but to take up a job he doesn't like. A common phenomena anywhere around the world, not just here in Bunei.
Though it has to be noted here that it is not that money itself is the motivator, but the fact that the person needs money to sustain himself and if he has any, his family too.

so how do we conclude? money MAY be a motivating factor but it is not the only motivating factor. sure money gets us what we desire and makes us happy but there is also other factors to consider, such as the satisfaction of deserving the money we worked hard for. it's not worth it to get paid a huge salary yet the work is overloaded or vice versa. there are more factors that can actually motivate us other than money. make a wise decision when it comes to money.


  1. IMO, money is my catalyst to my desire. So instead of finding ways to get more money, I find other ways to get the stuff I need (or want) without the need to spend as much. Frugality is my keyword. :)


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