Back this week with DJ Zimah for this Friday’s segment on . . . VERSUS SHOW !

The topic chosen is all about relationship ! The topic was divided into two parts, each with a different sort of question and a different type of social relation.

Versus show part 1: How do you differentiate between real friends and backstabbing friends ?

One of the hilarious response came from Wali Dropkick - Well REAL FRIEND are the the one you can feel, touch, talk & see them face2face....not Imaginary, Cartoon or Drawn. "REAL" - . . . BACKSTABBING FRIENDS....easy....your Friend who Stabs you in the Back with a Knife, Pen, Fork or anything Sharp :B LOL. 

Lea Lova on the other hand took the question a little more seriously - Real friends are those who are sometimes quiet harsh in conversations.. But wen it comes to the time when we are having a breakdown, they are there to help.. - Fake ones are those who're ego.. Karit kan like our status.. Haha

Versus Show Part 2: Best friend VS Girlfriend/ Boyfriend; who is your top priority? Best comment will receive free $5 Top Up card! :)

The winner goes to Raffy Lim Xian Zheng ! - For me it depends, if your bestfren turns out to be disloyal, dishonest & a backstabber while ur lover loves u & stay true to u, then 100% I will choose the gf ! but if the bestfren is a true fren to u while ur lover doesn’t realy love u, disloyal & turn against u, then ofcourse the bestfren ! but personally, I will most definitely choose my gf because she may be the one for you...the one who's going to change your life and support you in the near future! :D

Also one of the crew’s favorite was Ali Ibrahim~ well i dont have girlfriend but my bestfriend based from my experience, when relationship comes in, friendship akan menjadi yg kedua eventho they said dorang cuba sedaya upaya utk membahagi kan masa but still we can feel kena abandoned. well thats life, apa apa pun someday they might need our help,,just that.. only Allah knows when:)

Everyone has at least a friend, no matter who or where you are. An online article read by one of the crew shows TEN GOLDEN RULES for being a true friend !

  1. ·   Honesty- Always be honest. It is your duty to tell the truth, even when it hurts.
  2. ·   Reliability- A true friend is someone you can rely on. Honor your promise and even if you couldn’t, it’s best to be honest about it.
  3. ·   Respect- Respect the time, property and beliefs. Be punctual or let your friend know if you’ll be late, do not judge… respect your friend’s beliefs as well as morals even if you disagree with them.
  4. ·  Bros Before H**s - A true friend doesn’t just drop you to be with someone else, they will also understand if you need to be with your special one.
  5. ·   Selfless- A true friend will sacrifice their own comfort or happiness and will not go do something for personal gain if they knew it may have a negative effect on your life.

  1. ·6.  Loyalty- They will stand up for you even if you don’t ask them to.
  2. -7 Patience- A true friend is patient and understanding when things need time to change or get better. They won’t judge you even when you make the same mistake over and over while you make the effort to get better.
  3. ·8. Laugh Together Cry Together- They are there for you during good times and in bad times. They will also share their own success with you when achieved.
  4. ·9 Constructive Criticism- They are not scared to tell you what you’re doing wrong. They are not scared to intervene if they see that something is seriously bad for you or if you’re going down the wrong path. But they always support their criticism with advice that can help you improve.
  5. ·10. Forgiveness-  A true friend has the ability to forgive. Everyone is human, we all make mistakes at times. That friend will really show that they are sorry and try to make things right.Even so, there is always a limit to forgiveness.