Wrap Up Show with the crews ! NISH & YANA =D

For this week's Wrap Up Show we had two lovely crews Nish and Yana on air to wrap up everything shared on the UBDFM blogspot this week !

Monday on Love Oh! Cinta: Best Friend to Love

What do you do think about falling in love with your best friend? Should you let out your feeling or just hold it to yourself? Are you prepared to take the risk?

To a certain extent, when it turns into a relationship, it would be easy for both side because they have already know how to accommodate each other wants and needs. Generally, best friend is a person whom you feel alive with and enjoy the activities that you both always have. So, isn't it true that people in relationship should feel the same way as well? Our listeners have shared their thoughts about the predicament of the topic for tonight whether they prefer having a best friend as your love one or not. Most of them prefer to just stay as friend because it is a great lost if you lost your best friend just because of letting know of your feeling to him or her, and the feeling should be keep it within you. Well, if you know your best friend likes you too, then lucky you :)

Tuesday on Societal Quest: How far would you go to achieve your dreams??

Trying to achieve our dreams, we have to undergo many obstacles, challenges and hardships depends on how big is your dream. As mentioned, you have to have that spirit, strong-will in order to achieve it. Sometimes people do bizarre and amazing things so they could achieve that dreams. Sometimes you have to make so many sacrifices, abandon others or lose a lot of money but in the end, if it all worked out, you will get your dream. In order to achieve those dreams, you must have plans, create plans and resolutions. Chances are  that to achieve your dreams and live a life you love, those goals and resolutions are crucial. Goal setting and goal achievement are easier if you have that strong-will for effective and successful goal setting and resolution accomplishment.

Wednesday: An Evening with Eda Brig

Eda Brig is a three-piece band playing a potent brew of blues, jazz, rock, metal, pop and everything in between. We had Chief the Vocalist and guitarist, BBoy who plays the bass and Boy the drummer as well as percussion player.

Thursday on Geekspot:  BruNerf Association in the studio!

Pg. Shah, president BruNerf association started this association 2 years ago and they currently have 1611 members. His wife, Siti, the secretary of BruNerf association, works hand in hand with her husband in getting BruNerf well known in Brunei Darussalam. Siti deals with the admin work like getting the place and paperworks done. discipline officer of BruNerf association is also with us tonight, Nabil, a graduate from MTSSR. His work is to teach basic discipline rules like what to wear, proper gear and guidelines. Nerf is a gun or as they call it, a blaster which can be found in department stores around Brunei. they play Nerf like in wars, but without real bullets rather they use sponge bullet-like as amos. Common places where they usually play Nerf are at the Taman Jubilee near the city and Beribi flat playground. Another common place where they usually have their annual tournaments in December where people from all districts come and play is at the Berakas Forest Reserve. Headcounts for tournaments usually rise up to about 500 people.

Friday on Versus Show: Relationships

Versus show part 1: How do you differentiate between real friends and backstabbing friends ?
-One of the hilarious response came from Wali Dropkick - Well REAL FRIEND are the the one you can feel, touch, talk & see them face2face....not Imaginary, Cartoon or Drawn. "REAL" - . . . BACKSTABBING FRIENDS....easy....your Friend who Stabs you in the Back with a Knife, Pen, Fork or anything Sharp :B LOL. 

Versus Show Part 2: Best friend VS Girlfriend/ Boyfriend; who is your top priority? Best comment will receive free $5 Top Up card! :)
-The winner goes to Raffy Lim Xian Zheng ! - For me it depends, if your bestfren turns out to be disloyal, dishonest & a backstabber while ur lover loves u & stay true to u, then 100% I will choose the gf ! but if the bestfren is a true fren to u while ur lover doesn’t realy love u, disloyal & turn against u, then ofcourse the bestfren ! but personally, I will most definitely choose my gf because she may be the one for you...the one who's going to change your life and support you in the near future! :D