You're with us on the Segment of An Evening With..... Hidden Folder with Dj Zimah! Our new discovered local band who are kind enough to come to our studio and have us to interview them!

According to them, the band name, Hidden Folder, basically means that their songs and the lyrics have hidden meanings and also they might come in different genres. However, their actual genre is Malay indie. The band has four members, Keey, Rain, P-no & Buzz. But most of their songs are love 'cinta' songs which emphasize the hidden meanings in their songs and lyrics. 

Most of them talked about their life experiences and how they affect their music. Life experiences were mostly about their love dilemmas and relationship matters.From there, they get to express that through their music and they promised to make good music out of their experiences in life.

They are still very new so they have only produced one song at the moment which is called Hidden. They promised more songs will come from Hidden Folder. Just keep on listening to us!


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