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SoCieTaL QuEst: Is it a good investment in buying latest gadgets? Give us the reason why it is good or bad investment? =D
Gadgets are  small tool such as a machine that has a particular function, but is often thought of as a novelty. Gadgets are invariablyconsidered to be more unusually or cleverly designed than normal tools at the time of their invention. Gadgets are sometimes referred to as gizmos according to wikipedia. Basically gadgets are like hand phones, ipad, tablets, Mp3 player etc that we used for our daily necessities or just for fun. 

Nowadays gadgets have become very popular worldwide as they become and more and more multifunctional to cater most of our needs. People use gadgets to connect, navigate, shop, plan and many more thus that is why these gadgets have become popular. Furthermore, these gadgets are created by huge companies such as Apple Inc, Androids, Google Corporation etc.These companies attract their customers by making their gadgets as multifunctional as possible, better yet to make it as part of their entertainment.

Thus nobody could get enough of these gadgets that it eventually turns into a hobby, following trends all over the world. However in order to buy these gadgets, one must have to invest a lot of money to buy just one gadget so buying these gadgets would require financial risk and willingness to buy it. But regardless, people would buy them out of lifestyle sake. 

This is what the listeners thought about our topic for tonight:-

Firdaus Rhd: well personally for me the answer could be either of both. the primary factor that has to be considered is whether the value of these latest gadgets can be appreciated overtime or not, but often new gadgets are being less appreciated and worth way less than what we paid for it, specifically referring to new gadgets that are over-rated and as well as over-priced. still at the end of the day satisfaction is what matters most if we are satisfied that is where the definition of good investment kicks in and it is worth every penny.

Mamad Pulangg: memanglah membawa pelaburan terbaik bg kita kerana ia dpt dijual balik dengan harga yg tdk jauh bezanya semasa membelinya. ia adalah perkara terbaik bg kita kelak

Biz Shopz: ia bagus dlm pelaburan yg pesat sekrg ini memang begitu bagus dlm membeli brg2 gajet yg terbaru kerana org memang pling suka yg ltest di market.walaupn mahal dlm pembelian tpi kerana ia berkualiti org akn membelinya juga.its very good investment .

Reezal H. Daim: memang bagus jika gajet tersebut dapat di aplikasikan dengan situasi sekarang serta membantu mempermudah kan urusan seharian & menjimat kan masa.. tertakluk pada tahap penghtahuan individu masing2 untuk memiliki gajet baru & canggeh dipasaran asal jgn smapi terjadi situasi " seperti kera memdapat bunga" ~ memdapat sesuatu yg berharga (berguna) tpi tidak tahu mengguna kan...

Congratulations to Firdaus Rhd who won two tickets from Mvision Cinema Empire! 


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