What inspires you to choose the type of style or fashion when you wear your clothes/outfit? 
Apa yang memberi awda insipirasi mengenai jenis gaya pakaian dan stail yang awda sukai?

The way we dress depends on our taste. People have different attitudes to fashion. Some  do not care what they wear, others, especially women, are very choosy  about what to wear and like to spend a lot of money on clothes. But nowadays not only women who spend more on clothes but also men. Fashion and style varied nowadays and they keep on encouraging people to wear what they want you to wear. 

There are different factors which have inspired the styles of clothing that we wear, but usually people began to style themselves in order to adapt to their environment, culture and society. This is merely their 'basic way' of wearing their clothes usually they do this in order to 'fit in' but with the influence of the media, people began to grow and develop their way of styling their clothes and to do that, they 'copy' from other styles such as from their favorite singers, actors, artists and other celebrities. This is a way for them to distinguish themselves from the others and this is called individualism. Some people dress to impress according to Jaz which means they usually want to impress others by showing that they are 'cool' 'stylish' and different among their friends, peers, families etc. Moreover, some people follow the latest fashion such as what's in and what's out usually being practiced by the western countries. Fashion concerns not only clothes but also hair style, make-up and accessories, such as shoes, handbags, glasses, dresses, hats etc.

This is what our listeners have commented regarding our topic for tonight:-

Zimah Ibrahim:  im not suree.. tapinya i do love something simple, warna warni & unique.. asalkan nyaman dpakai & inda terlalu menonjol iatah yg menjadi pilihan hati tu :) :) thanks DJs..

Qawi Zainuddin:  Attention that inspires me. I just like the thrill, i love what i wear :)

Congratulations to Qawi Zainuddin for being the winner for this segment which he won 2 tickets sponsored by Mvision Cinema!