Youtube: The good, The Bad.

They are not Hollywood A-Listers, but they are still famous for making videos on Youtube. YouTube has become a main platform for fellow unsigned artists/acts who showcase their talents. Some of these artists had gain more fame after posting videos on YouTube. Does the username: 'Kidrauhl' rings any bell? Justin Bieber and followed by other YouTubers like Cody Simpson and Colbie Caillat had found fame after posting videos of them singing on YouTube. Since then, many more unsigned artist use YouTube to show their talent.

Tonight Jaz and Maxine discuss the rise of fellow of local YouTubers and also highlight the effects of showcasing your talent on YouTube. Jaz shared with us some of the local YouTubers who mostly are singers. Yeanmoka, Kieno Ibrahim and Aziz Harun to name some. Like other YouTubers, they also must have also face challenges. Here are some of the good, the bad. 

From twitter, Fauzul Azhim said that the good thing of uploading your videos on Youtube is that "people can view it and can garner fans". We completely agree with that. The point is that you need to know your fanbase; who do you attracts the most? You can expose your talents on YouTube since internet is very much accessible.

YouTube is not only for singers; it is also a platform for videographers as well. Adam Groves is one of the example of those videographers. You might know his work: 'Break'. He uploaded his mini videos on YouTube and the number of views skyrocketed. Most Bruneians prefer to watch his mini videos than watching Television. The mini videos were shot using a professional technological camera and it was so cool. Do check out Adam Groves work: Break. 

All YouTubers have the same challenge everyday: haters. They had to put up with negative reviews on their comment thread. These are the cyberbullies who will continuously trolled the YouTubers page. 

Some user can also misused it. Instead of showcase their talent, they tend to use it to release their anger on someone which also contains curse. These are the type of people that we like to call as 'showoffs'. Everyone can have their five minute fame.

Now, talking about view counters, a lot of good videos did not receive a lot of recognition just because it does not contain explicit contain. The view counters sometimes paralled to the YouTubers' ego. If they receive a lot of views, they tend to parade or brag it on other social networks and such. 

So these are some of the discussion on Youtube effects. 

Catch Jaz and Maxine next week on Wednesday at 8pm!