Sunday, 29 April 2012

Wrap Up Show - with DJ FAUZUL

For tonight's Wrap Up Show, DJ Fauzul was on-air to give the listeners a recap of what's been going on for the past 6 days. We will start with last Monday's topic on the Love Oh! Cinta:

" Who is more controlling in a relationship ? "

Majority said boys are more controlling then girls but some mentioned otherwise. Some said that both are equal, or none at all. There are those who thinks its suffocating especially when the other half goes beyond the line of controlling and intervene with your privacy.

Dj Wawa's opinion was supported by a point she found on the internet, it is positive to protecting ourselves from getting hurt or cheated by the other half. we are making sure that they are faithful and honest with us. it is also that we care and love the other half so much that we want to know of every activity they do.

Tuesday's topic: 

" Why is there a tendency to study last minute among the youth? "

They say that revising at the last minute give them ability to have the things they memorize to still be fresh in their minds so it is easier for them to answer questions in their exams the next day. Not all youths have the tendency to study at the last minute although some say that it is very much effective similar to revising months before their exams.

It is actually a mindset of certain individuals or culture as youths sometimes prefer such way because they find it very much effective for them to memorize everything that they have read.
Sometimes this type of revising technique is not always effective to all youths even if they find it easier to practice such techniques but the outcome would be different. Some may get good results but some not even if they use the same technique.

Wednesday's Topic :  
" Youtube: The good, The Bad."

Jaz and Maxine discuss the rise of fellow of local YouTubers and also highlight the effects of showcasing your talent on YouTube.
From twitter, Fauzul Azhim said that the good thing of uploading your videos on Youtube is that "people can view it and can garner fans". We completely agree with that. The point is that you need to know your fanbase; who do you attracts the most? You can expose your talents on YouTube since internet is very much accessible.
All YouTubers have the same challenge everyday: haters. They had to put up with negative reviews on their comment thread. These are the cyberbullies who will continuously trolled the YouTubers page. Some user can also misused it. They tend to use it to release their anger on someone which also contains curse. These are the type of people that we like to call as 'showoffs'. Everyone can have their five minute fame.

Thursday's topic: 
 '' Nomophobia ''

It is defined as a fear of not being without phone or fear of losing their phone. According to one of the articles, "Cellphone is a remote control for life". We can see the evolution of cellphone in terms of its role. It change from just to communicate with other people on a long distance to a multi-function mobile phone. Nowadays, the phone became the driving force of your life. If you need to get up from bed, you need to set the alarm on your phone. For some people, it can get way overboard where they uses text messages to break up or in some cases, divorce. Hence, the notion 'Cellphone is our life remote control' is true.

Last Friday's Topic : 
They are hip. They are cool. They are rich , and always look fabulous all the time. People want to be them , and fans fawn over them like ants swarming over a pack of sweets. They vary from models, singers , producers, athletes to actors and actresses. They have the best of life ,their efforts are worth millions of earnings and their names are recognized everywhere. Majority of the answers  from Facebook highlighted 'Taylor Swift' and 'Johnny Depp' from Twitter.


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