Why is there a tendency to study last minute among the youth?

Not all youths have the tendency to study at the last minute however some students do have that 'habit' of revising at the last minute. Some say that it is very much effective similar to revising months before their exams.
They say that revising at the last minute give them ability to have the things they memorize to still be fresh in their minds so it is easier for them to answer questions in their exams the next day.

However, there are tendencies where this habit of revising at the last minute is actually a mindset of certain individuals or culture. For example, it might be a probability that youths in Brunei or in Asia in general have the tendency to revise at the last minute, according to Dj Khalz and Jaz. However this is not always the case as there are no actual prove to confirm this viewpoint. But basically youths sometimes prefer to study at the very last minute because they find it very much effective for them to memorize everything that they have read and when they are sitting fot their exam the next day, everything that they have revised are still fresh in their minds.

Sometimes this type of revising technique is not always effective to all youths even if they find it easier to practice such techniques but the outcome would be different. Some may get good results but some not even if they use the same technique. As what have mentioned, not all individuals are able to use this revising technique effectively.

This is what the listeners have thought of regarding our discussion for tonight:

Malique AliL  Probably studying at the last moment would make them remember better and also its somewhat somehow is a habit for them which it should be avoided.

Rina Habib: I think it's cuz we psychologically think if we cram our studies last minute, it will stay in our heads and remain their, making it easier to for us to answer questions as we literally just read it a few minutes ago before entering the examination

Ayesha Hms : First of all due to people’s mind-set of thinking, If they studied last minute the memory and knowledge they just learned would still last in their brain until the next day they are going to have their exams or test. Secondly, They have been used to studying last minute since the very beginning of Era learning until it became a habit (apanya org kebiasaan). Finally due to pending assignments that has to be done and submitted before the Exams,resulting from the habit of Procrastinating important assignments until you have to cram everything in one go.

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