tonights topic on Love Oh Cinta with DJ Wawa and DJ Maxine: who is more controlling in a relationship?

majority says boys are more controlling then girls but some of the listeners out there says otherwise. some other says that both are equal, or none at all. so how can we conclude?

Fatin Alifah Ry says that it can be the guys or the girls. she thinks it depends on 'the reacher and the settler' in every relationship. Angel Choo says she thinks neither. the guy should be able to take care of the girl (long-run). but the girl, should still have her own backbone.

Dj Wawa also mentioned in her opinion, and supported by a point she found on the internet, it is positive in a way such that we are protecting ourselves from getting hurt or cheated by the other half. we are making sure that they are faithful and honest with us. it is also that we care and love the other half so much that we want to know of every activity they do.

however, not everyone likes to be controlled because its suffocating. its worse when the other half goes beyond the line of controlling and intervene with your privacy.

last comment from our listener, Honest Brunei mentioned regarding our topic today that it is more to do with personality than gender.