Tonight's societal quest, Dj Jaz and Dj Khalz featuring with Dj Faye from Pelangi FM have brought about an enchantment of a topic regarding about the topics below:

"Perbezaan interaksi sosial diantara dahulu dan sekarang"

"Tell us on the different ways people used to interact with each other then and now."

People interact differently usually it depends on their language, culture, how they are raised and how they are taught. People use different ways such as the usage of language, body language, expressions, signals etc in order to interact with people for example, a Malay person would try to interact with an English person in English if he she could not understand Malay. This is also to achieve a successful interaction or conversation between the speakers. 

However, the types of interactions change from time to time and that depends on the changes of the language, expressions, interpretations of meanings and culture. In our case for example, in Brunei we have the traditional way of interacting and a modern way of interacting. 

For example, in the past, in a family, the language being used are more formal and the sign of respect between mother and daughter or grandfather to son are very distinctive. 

The terminology being used in Brunei such as in the family, mentioned by Dj Jaz, it is to differentiate different type of people to show respect. However the terminology changes from time to time usually because of the different influences by the media such as in Brunei instead of calling your father's brother 'Amit' or 'Angah' they would call him 'Uncle'. Basically nowadays our culture sort of transit or integrate with the western culture. In fact, it is now a normal thing for them to use both terminology. 

Another point nowadays, according to Dj Khalz, the media and technology nowadays change the way we interact with people such as the use of Facebook and all those social network in order to interact with people from afar. It is for a good cause however it slowly deteriorates the usage of traditional way of interacting between a person. Meaning, people nowadays less use of oral interaction such as talking face to face and more use of typing. It is an easy way of interacting but it is different and change the natural way of interacting which is by talking. 

One of our listeners agreed to our point above by saying:-

Matius Belayan: for the days back then, yeah we say that its more classic,
people approach each other in order to get to know, more romantic and whatsoever, but this have the limitation too. it limits the circle of friends to just around the area we live in. i think penpals was the trend back then to meet new ppl. but yeah how long can it last after all. and from my point of view, due to unavailability of the internet and fb and all those, ppl back then lost track of their friends after leaving school and marriage and so on...

Faye also mentioned that even the younger ones nowadays are more comfortable using all these social networks to interact with their friends and they especially like to use Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter.

Matius Belayan actually won the two tickets from Mvision. Congratulations!