pumping up tonight with Zul Faden

we are pleased to have had local artists with us two nights in a row, tonight Zul Faden rocking the studio with DJ Jaz and Dj Maxine! this is his second visit to the studio and we are honoured to have one of with us again.

Zul Faden mentioned his trip to Japan last year where he had his first sushi experience. Zul Faden wow-ed the audience with his inspirational performances at the Asean Tourism Fair in Osaka, accompanied by Lily Chiam representing Brunei Darussalam.  The fair lasted 10 days and the duos had to perform 3-4 songs per day. they also got acquainted with other Asean country artists. while being abroad, Zul Faden had the chance to visit the Universal Studio in Japan and met with famous Walt Disney Cartoon characters. few japanese words Zul mentioned in the studio tonight are "gung bawa" which means Good Evening and "watashi wa zurui desh" which means my name is..

due to his overwhelming success, Zul released his first album last october few months after his trip called Memori Cinta. he also released another single in collaboration with our guest artist last week, Jazz Hassan just few months after the release of his album.

Zul Faden is not only a local artist but he is also an actor. Zul started acting in last January and he has been offered another gig which starts this month.

DJ Jaz asked "what is your typical day?" and Zul replied, "i loves to sleep." with a joking laughter. Zul mentioned that he loves going out and watching movies with his friends. He makes time for his friends because he misses them and his friends understand the nature of his work, lecturer by day and artist by night.

Zul's favourite music genre is RnB, soul and ballad. Few of his favourite local artists are Fakhrul Razi, Maria and Jazz Hayat.

Abby from the audience asked "where do you work and where?" Zul replied "lecturer at the new Brunei Polytechnic."

Another fan, Dibah asked why Zul changed his name from Zul F to Zul Faden. Zul replied, since he is a free agent, he felt that a change was necessary. so he combined two of his name, Hj Zul Fakhari and Hj Aminuddin, which are the two names his parents gave him and eventually he came up with Zul Faden.

Zul recently had a videoclip shooting for for his song "Cubalah Untuk Setia". the shooting took 5 days and he is hoping that it will be aired on MTV. the humble artist himself co-produced the videoclip as he made the storyboard himself. Zul Faden also mentioned that the sneak preview of the videoclip will be release early next month or end of this month. This song, Zul said, talks about betrayal and how to overcome it. its more like a process. therapeutic. its a song he composed himself.

Atiqah, a fan asked him where is his favourite destination and why. Zul answered that he loves to travel. his favourite destination is anywhere he can relax and rejuvenate, and he loves to shop like in Singapore. "you'll see me running up and down the stairs with paperbags", joke Zul faden.

Another fan asked him where does he see himself in 5 years. Zul answered, "International all the way. ive established in Brunei so i would like to establish outside the country as well. i want to open a performing arts centre, maybe in 10 years time." with that reply, it shows how dedicated and passionate he is towards not only singing but being a multi-talented atrist of Brunei.

comments and advice that Zul faden shared with us and for all his fans and listeners, think positive all the time. turn all the negative to positive. you can be sad and lock urself in ur room thinking "oh i have failed.."but at the end of the day, we must always think positive.

to wrap up tonight's segment, we had the chance to see the easy-going artist in action singing live on air in the studio and had a group photo with the DJs and crew.