Hebiimetaru, our local groovy metal band!

Grooving your airwaves tonight are DJ Jaz and Dj Maxine! not forgetting our local band guest Hebiimetaru!

this band was formed in the year 2007 and this is their first interview. Arif, Afiz, Amil, Suep and Aziz agreed to the band name Hebiimetaro, which is a japanese word meaning heavy metal.

their genre is what they refer to Groove Metal, a more soothing type of heavy metal. "songs that make you want to dance, but it's still heavy metal" said one of the members.

this band started off with Afiz, Amil and Aziz who are cousins and they met the rest in school as they grew up.

their song that we first played tonight, called "My Legion" is what they considered a motivational song. this committed band meets up every weekend for a jamming session. DJ Jaz asked, so you guys are still in the doorman stage? one of the members answered, doorman but rising. they are currently working on a split album with another Bruneian band called Waltillery.

Hebiimetaru would like to work with international bands such as Inflates, Metallica and Arch Enemy, bands from the same type of genre.

we thank the band for coming to the studio tonight and we wish you the best of success in the future!