Tonight's Love@Cinta  Hot Topic!

 Do couples take relationship status a little too seriously?

What do guys think? ;)


Nadzirah Sidupmaybe to make someone jealous hehehehe or just to show off people that they have partner :p 

Vhello iFuentes :Some people thinks that it so seriously, to me, relationship is not necessary in FB.

Shukri : its a byproduct of insecurity, trust issues etc. If your confident with each other, you wouldn't care.


Zubaidah Har : for some maybe yes..but i would disagree with that..I don't really need the status relationship to be official with my partner.

Deeny Yahyanope...but it's very sad that a lot of ppl especially the young generations take relationships like so easy come easy go... - banyak yang ambil mudah pasal relationship's like a relationship to them is something to toy with...its like a test drive for them...kalau inda suka sudahtah...habis madu sepah dibuang...

Nischa Raninahh..i tink they just put the relatonship status just to show they r in relationship? nothing serious.

Ameera Alinope...  facebook is just one way to make a relationship public

Theodora Ang most do. not all.