The Wrap Up Show for Tonight with Dj Khalz and Jaz will be sharing you guys all the things we have shared with you from Monday until Saturday!

On Monday on the segment of Love OH! Cinta, Dj Zimah had shared a romantic session with you about the phrase 'I love you'.

"I Love You" is a phrase that is easier to be said, yet, can everyone manage to say it that easy? Is there any difference between female and male gender in saying such phrase? Between men and women who do you think say it the most?

This three words hold a special meaning for everyone and when you say them you make sure that you meant it all with your heart. Some people seem to find these words easy to say, some find it hard. Each one of us has different terms and definitions when it comes in delivering such words to your intended person. Despite of the gender differences, its actually up to the individual themselves to willingly say those special words. Our listeners have discussed that saying such phrase is actually simple but putting it into an action and show it is the most difficult part. 

On Tuesday
topic for tonight's Societal Quest: Why is money a motivating factor? is it the only motivating factor? 

Fauzul Azim mentioned that money is motivating factor because it helps the person know that what they're doing, is worth their time, blood and sweats. Family is also a motivating a factor as they can be the reason for a person's hard willed determintation and goals for achieving their dreams. 

Ny Izd said that, money isn't everything but everything needs money. Despite the saying, we might have other crucial motivation such as love but you need money to get your life going. Although you have someone to love, you need to feed that love. 

 On Wednesday:

You're with us on the Segment of An Evening With..... Hidden Folder with Dj Zimah! Our new discovered local band who are kind enough to come to our studio and have us to interview them!
According to them, the band name, Hidden Folder, basically means that their songs and the lyrics have hidden meanings and also they might come in different genres. However, their actual genre is Malay indie. The band has four members, Keey, Rain, P-no & Buzz. But most of their songs are love 'cinta' songs which emphasize the hidden meanings in their songs and lyrics. 
Most of them talked about their life experiences and how they affect their music. Life experiences were mostly about their love dilemmas and relationship matters.From there, they get to express that through their music and they promised to make good music out of their experiences in life.
They are still very new so they have only produced one song at the moment which is called Hidden. They promised more songs will come from Hidden Folder. Just keep on listening to us!
On Thursday:
The topic is all about collector. It was said that collecting things can be a hobby. Collecting things can also reflect their passion or their personality. Take for example, a person who likes to collect old cameras can be an avid photographer himself.

According to some website, we collect things because it can trigger our memories. Others collect things just to show their wealth

Here are some of the comments from our listeners:

From Nischa Rani: She likes to collect Supernatural DVDs and also added that 'Winchester Brothers rock!'

From Jazmi Kamel: He likes to collect games apps from Apple Store. He also included that if he get bored with it, he'll delete and download a new one.

The crews also said that they an avid collectors themselves. Yana said she collect clothes with different style or fashion. She also collect toy cars.

As for Dayat, she likes to collect pens even if it already ran out of ink. She also love to collect pens from around the world. One of her favourite pen is from New Zealand. It was quite a unique pen because it has a small rugby ball at the end of it.  

On Friday Versus show with Dj Jaz on the topic of 'Which football team will win? 
For this segment DJ Jaz led the listeners into a frenzy of discussion as he asked the listeners to choose which team will win the championship !
"Let’s have a mini poll, right here right now. Which team do you think will win this year? Why?"

Majority of the listeners chose Germany AND Netherlands !


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