Versus Show with DJ Jazz ! - WHICH FOOTBALL TEAM WILL WIN ?!

Seven days left to the Euro 2012 Football Championship in Poland- Ukraine !

For this segment DJ Jaz led the listeners into a frenzy of discussion as he asked the listeners to choose which team will win the championship !

"Let’s have a mini poll, right here right now. Which team do you think will win this year? Why?"

"Pasukan mana yang awda fikir akan memenanginya tahun ini? Kenapa?"

Majority of the listeners chose Germany AND Netherlands !

A little bit of history...

To the delight of football fans, DJ Jaz shared with the listeners the history of how the UEFA European Championship came to be. 

It is the biggest football championship there is among the UFFA countries. Being held every four years since 1960, the championship was initially called the European Nations Cup but was changed to European Football Championship in 1968.

From 1960 to 1976 only four teams were qualified to join the final championship from the qualifying round. From 1980 to 1992, the number was increased to eight and since 1996 sixteen teams had played so far. These superb teams were chosen through endless matches in the qualifying round. The host country automatically gets a place.

POLAND-UKRAINE : How did it get chosen ? 

Poland-Ukraine was chosen by vote by the UEFA Executive Committee at a meeting in Cardiff on 18 April 2007, beating Italy and Croatia-Hungary simultaneously.

During the 2007 host election in Cardiff, Italy was supposed to be crowned as the host country for this year but due to some unfortunate circumstances, they missed the opportunity. It was said to be caused by eruption of violence from supporters and a match fixing scandal as the factors behind their failure.

Poland-Ukraine became the third host in line after Belgium-Belanda (2000) and Austria-Switzerland (2008).

Teams that will join this year's Championship

12 out of the 16 finalists who took part in the Championship last time in 2008 will return again this year alongside England and Denmark, both countries of which were last seen participating in 2004.

The Republic Ireland on the other hand made a comeback after its absence from the game for 24 years to make their second appearance in this year's Championship.

As one of the co-host house, Ukraine made its first debute as a free country after winning the first competition back in 1960 as part of the Soviet Union.

The Euro winner 2008 Spain is automatically qualified to defend its championship after winning twice consecutively, something that was never done before. Spain won both UEFA Euro 2008 and the FIFA WorldCup in 2010.

Slogan/Logo Mascot

Slavek and Slavko are the official mascots of the UEFA Euro 2012. They are twins and represent Polish and Ukrainian footballers in national colours. The mascots were announced in December 2010. They were designed by Warner Bros.

The slogan , "Creating History Together" 

It reflects a fact about a time when Poland and Ukraine were united in the past as one country and now symbolizes the ambitions of the two East European countries to execute the best Championship in the history of European Championship.

The official football that will be used for the matches in the UEFA Euro 2012 is Adidas Tango 12, which was designed to make it easier for the players to dribble and control the football. It is unlike the Adidas Jabulani that was reported as an 'unpredictable' ball used back in the FIFA World Cup 2010.