" Setiap insan pasti akan melalui dugaan kehidupannya yang tersendiri, dan tahu kah awda bahawa terdapat makanan tertentu yang dapat berfungsi sebagai pengubah suasana duka dan stress...

Topik: Antara COKLAT dan AISKRIM, yang mana satukah yang dapat membantu menenangkan hari duka awda? Kenapa COKLAT? Kenapa AISKRIM? "

Everyone must have gone through hardships of their own, and do you know that there are some types of food that can give you at least some form of comfort to relieve sadness and stress?

Topic: Between CHOCOLATE & ICE CREAM, which one can help comfort you during the rainy days? why CHOCOLATE ? why ICE CREAM ?


Researchers have stated that it can be considered as a health food as it contains large quantities of antioxidants. These are chemicals that help to neutralise some of the harmful chemical reactions occurring as part of our metabolism and during exposure to pollutants. Dark chocolates are especially good as they contain twice the polyphenols as normal chocolate! Chocolate is especially rich in the larger oligomers that can prevent harmful LDL-cholesterol from becoming oxidised and taken up into artery walls.

Chocolate also is proven to be unique in its own way ! It melts in the mouth at body temperature, producing a silky, luscious sensation that adds to its appeal and, according to psychologists, is one of the main reasons why chocolate proves so addictive... Yikes ! 

It also contains small amounts of caffeine which can be beneficial as they improve fat metabolism, exercise endurance, increase alertness and decrease the perception of effort and fatigue.


Ice cream is made of cream, milk, eggs, sugar, and flavorings. One thing comes to mind ? .... FAT ! It is not a secret that eating ice cream plentiful can make you gain weight , depending on the amount consumed of course. Despite that, it does come with its health benefits. Fortunately all is not at a loss as ice cream also provides nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and B vitamins. 

Recently researchers found that when eaten as part of a healthy diet, ice cream can aid weight loss, as long as you don't overdo it with calories. Two reasons ; firstly it contains calcium which is needed for fat metabolism, and secondly it satisfies food cravings better than most foods.

 After entertaining our listeners with catchy songs and helpful facts about the two types of comfort food , most of our listeners voted for ICE CREAM !


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