Tonight we have a special guest from BRU Shadaloo accompanied by Dj Maxine and Fauzul who will be interviewing them all about BRU Shadaloo.
BRU Shadaloo is a non-profit group of highly enthusiastic and motivated fighters/gamers locally based in Brunei Darussalam. Bru Shadaloo is actually a gaming community that gives more attention and support to the local fighting game scene in Brunei.
According to them, Bru Shadaloo is SF related name symbolizing the kind of fighting game community they are - specifically SF related much like the famously known Shoryuken fighting community. It doesn't mean that they are strictly shoto players, nor are they simply Shadaloo characters users. 
Their mission is to improve the local fighting game scene, by gathering the numbers and being more.  
 For more information about BRU Shadaloo, just go to their facebook page at this link:!/BruShadaloo/counter_ or