Kerolmali in the studio!

DJ Khalz and DJ Jaz rocking your airwaves tonight on our Evening With segment and Kerol Mali is in the studio as our artist!

Kerol Mali is a local artist and also a student in UBD majoring in Professional Communication and Media from Faculty of Arts and Social Science. This young artist has been a songwriter since he was in highschool and has started recording his since last year.

Kerolmali categorized his songs as British Pop genre and he plans to standout with this genre and song lyrics made since in Brunei most of the songs created are lovesongs. his whole inspiration started when his friend bought him a guitar and he started playing with the music notes and famous songs ever since primary school. he got his inspiration for his song "Tak Pernah" when he was doing his part time job and about to fall asleep. "it's the fastest song i've made in 45 minutes!" added Kerolmali.

when asked which loacl artist he would want to collaborate with in the future, Kerolmali said he would collaborate with D'Hask. for the ladies in the industry, he would want to collaborate with Maria or maybe Ina. Liam Gallagher, lead singer of the british band, Oasis, is his idol and someday he wants to be like him. Kerolmali's plans for the future are to record more songs, create more albums and open his own studio for recordings one day.

we thank you so much to Kerolmali for coming over and entertaining us tonight and thank to our listeners, let together hope that we'll hear more from this talented young artist in the near future.


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  2. This is Kerolmali. I would like to thank Dj Khalz and Dj Jaz for having me for the An Evening With segment. Also to the rest of the crew.

    I would like to tweak a lil bit.. (hehe) umm it was my parents who bought me the guitar and that Liam Gallagher is one of my idol but in the interview, I mentioned that I would love to work with Noel Gallagher.

    It is no big deal :D and again a big Thank You to everyone at UBDfm for having me over at the studio. I really had fun and would like to come back if i get to release another single.

    Keep up the good work guys..!!


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