Wrap up show with Qeels!

If anyone still does not know what is the Wrap Up Show is all about, it is the show where Qeels will give the highlights of everything that happen within this week. We start with UBD joining the most highly anticipated global event: Earth Hour. 

Brief history on the Earth Hour campaign, it first took place in 2007 by World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)  Australia. It is an attempt to raise awareness about the climate change. It is the day where everyone will save energy by turning or switching off electricity. This campaign, which is on 31st March on 8:30pm, first started in Australia caught international attention. By 2008, many countries participated in the Earth Hour event. 


UBD had started to join the bandwagon for the very first time this year. The first UBD Earth Hour event was held last night on Saturday 31st March 2012 in the evening at the IBM Parking Lot. It is also to raise awareness amongst the students about wasting energy and its consequences to the climate. 

Speaking of raising awareness, the Student Community Outreach Team (SCOT), a student-based team working towards eradicating poverty by 2035, to spread message across the nation by sharing a viral video. It is a great initiative to educate the public regarding the existence of the poverty issue in Brunei. Do check out their Facebook page: Student Community Outreach Team. Here is the video, you can just click on the link: http://vimeo.com/28389602

That is all for the Wrapped up show with Qeels. If you have an upcoming event next week, you are welcome to post it on our facebook. Qeels will highlights your events on the next Wrapped Up show and also it will be posted on our blog.