Friday, 13 April 2012

What's the big deal about the Friday 13th?

Friday the 13th quite synonymous and very much popular in the West. It is the day which is considered bring bad luck to the person. Fauzul himself had said he had experience a bad luck today in which it happen during the studio and suddenly there is a technical problem. As for Zimah, she said she tripped and fell on her knees. Many people believe that the Friday the 13th really do brings bad luck.

Since it is already Friday the 13th, Fauzul and Zimah wanted to talk about the unlucky day and curious what the listeners thought about the Friday the 13th.

We have receive a lot of comments on the discussion tonight. Most shrugged off the idea of Friday the 13th as the unlucky day and thought it was just another ordinary day. As have been mentioned before, Friday the 13th is a fright night according to the west but according to Malay belief, 'malam Jumaat' is also the same version like the Friday the 13th. However, unlike 'Malam Jumaat', Friday the 13th rarely happens. According to the experts, if the beginning of the month starts on Sunday, Friday the 13th is most likely to happen.

Fauzul explained about the phenomenon of the unlucky day saying that is depends on the person's beliefs. If the person truly believes it, then it is likely that he became superstitious about the date. But truly it is still not really a big deal. Fauzul thought probably the odd number '13' that led everyone to believe that it is a bad luck. Zimah also agree with Fauzul that people tend to believe in something that is illogical. In their head, they made it sound real.

Now here are some tips from Fauzul on how you can spend your Friday 13th:

1) Educate yourself on the origin of the Friday 13th.

2) Throw a Friday the 13th Party.

3) Play a board game like Monopoly or Uno.

4) Last, but not least, vamp up your Friday 13th by watching back-to-back Friday the 13th movie and tv series compilations.

Here are the updates from tonight discussion. Catch Fauzul and Zimah next week on Friday Night.


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